ArieCan Productions’ Path to Success: How Determination And Hard Work Brought Them To The Top

It started with a seedling of an idea; then, it was nurtured by passion and watered with the desire to bring the concept to reality. Eventually, it bloomed and became the fruit of their hard work, and they called it Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 is an original web series released by ArieCan Productions following the life and misadventures of newly-single Jonathan, as he maneuvers through life with his overbearing mother and problematic friends. It quickly turned into one of the best drama-comedies on the internet, and the cliff-hanger it ends with each season has the fans clamoring for more. 

The first season’s nine episodes were released in September 2017. It was put up on Youtube and gained an impressive amount of 366,866 views as of writing. The popularity of the web series had the production coming back stronger than ever with a rollercoaster of emotions. It became such a hit that the following seasons released to sold-out theaters. September 2018 and February 2020 had us seeing the second and third seasons, respectively, selling out Hoyt’s West Nursery Cinema both times. The third season was the most dynamic premiere yet, as the tickets went on sale in December 2019 and sold out in as short as two weeks.

Getting to this point of success was not an easy road for the creators and writers Larry Harris and Leonard Martin. Both born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, they were disappointed at how little acknowledgment their hometown was receiving despite the wealth of talent and the potential it has. This is what inspired them to write Chapter 2 in the setting of Baltimore.

The entire endeavor was an adventure in itself. Neither of them had the background for it. They learned as they went, they taught themselves and built themselves from the ground up. Writing Chapter 2, however, was only half of the journey. Once done, they wanted it produced to be shown to the public. No production company wanted any part in it, but that didn’t deter Larry and Leonard from their desire to let it become as it was intended to be. They believed that the series is bigger than them and that it must succeed.

They figured that if no one would open doors for them, then perhaps they should make their own door and open it themselves. And that was indeed what they had done. They formed their own company and named it ArieCan Productions, finally giving Chapter 2 the production it deserves. Chapter 2 was produced with the will to showcase the rarely-seen sides of the LGBTQ community, and it prides itself on the amazingly diverse storylines, giving a unique perspective to the everyday life of different characters.

Given their past disappointments, Larry and Leonard gained a new advocacy as well: to give other creative writers, directors, actors, and artists, among others, the opportunity to showcase their work. They are passionate about helping dreamers achieve their full potential, and they are big on helping anyone with the drive and dedication to doing the work necessary to succeed.

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