Ammon Rose on Facing the Music and Striking a Chord

A blank piece of sheet music is the clean slate everyone is presented with the moment they are born. Hence, everyone is a singer-songwriter when it comes to composing and belting out the song that is their lives. Simply put, life is like a song. 

And from the first note he cried when he was a baby down to the latest note he sang as an artist, Ammon is regarded for facing the music and riding through life’s highest and lowest pitches.

In a city that boasts quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, Ammon Rose graced Bountiful with his musical flair. And as something that has always been ingrained in his soul, music became his sanctuary – a place where he gets to express himself freely. In music, he found solace like nowhere else. 

As Ammon grew up, the people around him could not help but marvel at his musical gift. Even at a really young age, he already possessed the allure that would make anyone who heard his voice swoon in awe. A strong and solid tenor, the talented lad, nurtured his passion by participating in middle and high school choirs. And from sharing his talent within the four corners of the school building, he took his voice out in the open to start the career he always dreamed of. 

Now a well-regarded independent artist, Ammon puts a spin on things by recording his songs in a living room. Through this unconventional way, he gets to pour more of himself into his music and seals them with his personal style. 

And in the comforts of his home, the budding artist reached a breakthrough with his first single, “It’s Over.” Thousands of listeners now enjoy the said song as it streams across various platforms worldwide. 

Within just a few days from the single’s release, it has already gained recognition from fans and other artists. Taking a cue from all of the positive feedbacks, Ammon entered his music in a contest held by no other than T-Pain himself. And proving that his song is a force to be reckoned with, it caught the eye of curators as it stood out amongst thousands of other submissions. 

In an interview, Ammon shares that his inspiration comes from pop music artists like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Jon Bellion. He further explains that with the increasing number of artists in the industry, it is becoming more of a challenge for him to reach the top. However, the growing competition in the playing field did not dishearten him one bit. Quite the contrary, it only inspired him to do better and to find ways of keeping things fresh. 

And as someone who is deeply in tune with his craft, he uses music to help him stay in touch with his emotions. Consequently, the lyrics in his songs reflect how he is feeling at the time he wrote them. To Ammon, a song’s lyrics are what connect him and his listeners. 

To know more about Ammon Rose and listen to his music, you may visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook page.