AJ Mamba Releases New Hit Single “Black People” with Estabrook Road Records

Up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B artist AJ Mamba has launched his latest single, “Black People,” a track that’s shaking the artistic and political stratosphere in the country. The song comes as his first project with the prestigious Estabrook Roads Records. Through the song, the rap artist hopes to shake the nation’s core and raise the movement against racism and apartheid that plagues society.

While written and produced before the recent rise of reports of police brutality against the African American population, the message of “Black People” remains relevant and powerful. The track gives a reflective journey through history as it narrates the trials and tribulations that African Americans have had to deal with as a whole. 

“This is a song with a message,” shares AJ Mamba. “The intention is to make the audience think about different perceptions of reality.” The Philadelphia-based musical artist has used his music as a platform and voice to stand up against injustice towards minorities. Through his artistic expressions, he hopes to inspire conversations surrounding our society’s current state and issues that matter.

In the past years, AJ has built a reputation as an artist who bends the ideas of set genres. His sound is experimental and unique, making it quickly stand out as it travels through radio waves all across America. The lyricist often writes about his ideals of living life within the moment, experiences as a black man in today’s modern world, or any hard truth that people today need to hear. He is apologetic in his play of words and powerful in its delivery. AJ Mamba never holds back, maintaining unwavering courage to be a mouthpiece of change.

AJ Mamba dubs himself as “the conscious rapper,” maintaining that his music’s mission is to speak towards political views, societal problems, and worldviews that make the world darker than it should be. “I feel like music has become too censored,” shares AJ. “I fell in love with hip-hop when it was raw and uncut. I want to represent the voice of the people, and I will always stand my ground when it comes to giving the truth.”

The artist’s goal is to create positive music that will go against the flow of today’s media that bends more toward the negative side. Meshed into his lyrical tapestries are melodies and rhymes that make any of his songs instant earworms that take conscious effort to get rid of, which listeners never truly want to happen after listening to his music.  

Another unique aspect of AJ’s music is how he combines it with his experience in theater. He merges the disciplines and principles of the theatrical arts with rap’s musings and power to come up with a differentiated sound and brand. Through his music, AJ challenges listeners to think for themselves and not back down from the gift of discovering one’s true self. The artist celebrates individuality and uniqueness and heralds a message of acceptance and lovea battle cry that the world needs to hear today.

With the release of “Black People,” AJ Mamba looks to start an avalanche of positively impactful music. And with the help of the established music production and representation company, Estabrook Roads Records, it’s only a matter of time until AJ’s music turns into an unstoppable force that takes over the music scene. 

To learn more about AJ Mamba, check out Estabook’s website and AJ’s Spotify account.