“Karmagawa” Charity Foundation Donates Millions to Save the Environment and Build Schools for Poor Children

There are a lot of threats that face our world. Nuclear war is perhaps the greatest threat, but that is not something any of us can change. But there are a few things which ordinary people can do to make a difference when it comes to global warming and child poverty. It just takes someone with enough empathy and money to step up and contribute something positive toward these causes.

Across the world, more wildlife grows extinct by the day because of various environmental threats. You have global warming and climate change altering the ecosystems for many of these animals, which results in their premature death. And if that doesn’t kill them, the threat of hunters and poachers remains stronger than ever.  As for children, there are poor kids and refugees in many impoverished nations who’ve never even been to school before. If they cannot get a good education, then they’ll never get out of poverty. It is a catch-22.

Timothy Sykes, the famous millionaire who trades penny stocks, has been focused on solving the crisis for some time now. He formed a nonprofit organization called The Timothy Sykes Foundation, which later became known as Karmagawa. This is a 501c3 charity foundation which aims to save animals and wildlife, build schools for children, and save the environment for the animals and people who live in it.

The co-founder of the organization is a Filipino photographer named Mattheau Abad. They travel the world together to document the environmental chaos that they see in the countries they visit along with making donations in each community to help in whatever way possible. The two most disturbing things they witnessed were related to the rhinos and coral reefs dying off. Rhino are set to go extinct in the next decade if nothing is done and at least 25% of the marine life in the water depends on coral reefs for survival. If that ever dies out, then a substantial portion of sea life will die along with it, along with a great deal of the oxygen that our planet’s marine life creates.

Karmagawa has produced two documentaries so far to raise money and spread awareness to help these causes. The first documentary here is dedicated to saving the rhino, and it has already gotten over 30+ million views on Instagram. The second documentary here is dedicated to saving the coral reefs, and that got over 4 million views within a 4-month period. Karmagawa is even working on a third documentary about plastic which is scheduled for release on Earth Day in 2020.

As a result of its charity efforts, Karmagawa has already managed to donate over $4 million to 30 different charities and build 57 schools and libraries for refugees and needy children. But its work is not nearly done yet. Karmagawa’s main goal is to build over 1,000 schools and save the environment for all wildlife on this planet. In addition, Karmagawa wants to stop people from hunting animals and using them in circuses or other cruel ways. Since rhinos and elephants are on the verge of extinction over the next few decades, Karmagawa is laser-focused on saving them for the time being.

Karmagawa does more than donate millions of dollars to worthy causes. It also spreads awareness about these issues and sells their own charity apparel too. Between 80% and 100% of the profits are donated to charities which support these causes. Karmagawa hopes that people who watch its documentaries on social media will “Like” and “Share” them with their friends and family. The more people that see what is happening in this world, the more likely they’ll care enough to donate and live in a more environmentally-friendly way.