Watch Out for These Three Cryptos in 2022 – BTC, CFI, and XLM

May 2022 has figured plenty in conversations across the crypto world! The volatility of the global marketplaces, and the severe hits targeting varied cryptocurrencies, stunned crypto enthusiasts! All that they could do was to ‘wait and watch at:

Fortunately, for them, there are still some coins/tokens that retain certain amounts of values. Amongst this lot, are three that should survive all the adverse effects that 2022 can throw at them. They are Bitcoin (BTC), CashFi (CFI), and Stellar (XLM).


The term is an abbreviation of Bitcoin. It has been in existence since 2009. Naturally, people believe in it, more than they do in other digital currencies. Then again, it is not only experienced experts, who go for Bitcoin in a big way, but also, the beginners. No one even questions this strong belief that Bitcoin is bound to prove profitable for investors/stakeholders.

Does this come as a surprise to people, who do not know much about the crypto world?

Yes, of course, it does, for Bitcoin had taken a terribly severe beating during the crypto slump in May. It had lost almost 40% of its value. One of the reasons for its downfall was the Russia-Ukraine war. Another was the global economic meltdown.

However, seasoned investors had faith that everything would fall into place soon. Their faith has been rewarded, for Bitcoin is now striving to get rid of its bearish run, and move towards a bullish run. It displays a market cap of $552.25 billion. It continues to be the largest digital currency in the world, and the most popular one. Looking for a safe crypto trading platform to invest in Bitcoin?  Then check out Bitcoin smart.


The decentralized (DeFi) finance platform is CashFi, shortened to CFI. The platform is keen to use several of its innovative features, for providing an entry to the next generation of liquid staking. Investors will have access to a variety of asset classes, if they agree to pay the requisite fees. However, this fee structure has gone in for a fee-sharing approach.

CFI’s decentralized platform is founded on interconnection and collaboration. This way, it hopes to bring all its tools into play for permitting users to approach varied asset classes without hesitation. These classes, include Synthetics, Liquid Staking, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The developers have designed the CFI platform in such a way, that it keeps the blockchain ecosystem united. In turn, this will lead to the provision of cost-effective, faster, and highly-scalable solutions.

CashFi grants great importance to interoperability, diversity, continuance of service quality, and creativity, too. The platform is efficient in staking solutions. As a result, users will be able to utilize its protocol and the native token (CFI), for unlocking liquidity. In turn, this will lead to a higher yield.

Finally, CashFi grants access to an NFT marketplace that is inter-chained. Additionally, users will be able to use the dedicated creator’s center for minting NFTs. These NFTs are available on several blockchains, simultaneously. Users should have no hassles in obtaining them. This approach is cost-effective too.


Popularly known as Stellar, XLM aims to provide easily accessible, speedy, and dependable payment services. This should help people with no bank accounts, immensely! Thus, Stellar, the crypto platform, is the communication pathway between financial services and the unbanked populations across the globe. It helps that the benefits cross boundarieswithout any hassles at all. In fact, the monetary transactions are much cheaper and speedier, in comparison to the existing systems. Thus, low-income groups are thankful to the Stellar platform for its kindness!

It must be noted that in the existing systems, cross-border transactions prove to be quite costly. Furthermore, they take longer to process. Therefore, monetary deals do not go through quickly. A third obstacle is the lack of owning a bank account. Thanks to Stellar (XLM), the unbanked populaces must no longer face such obstacles.

Best of all, Stellar offers an automatic currency exchange. Therefore, it is possible to swap various digital currencies and fiat currencies, without going through the trouble of conversion systems. There is no need for third-party interference, either. Above all, the transaction charges are inexpensive or affordable. Therefore, plenty of people reach out to the Stellar platform, with ease. Today, XLM occupies a pride of place amongst the top 30 cryptocurrencies with healthy market caps.