Platon Life Pushes the Boundaries in Cryptocurrency Through Its Unique Digital Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is perhaps one of the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century. It is currently penetrating mainstream markets, and various establishments have officially accepted it as a form of payment. Despite the advancements in the field, Julia and Daniel Tanner believe that there is still room for improvements. Hence, they founded Platon Life and PlatonCoin with a mission to build better experiences, explore the digital currency space further, and create a highly-interactive ecosystem for users across the globe. The founders believe this is just the beginning of exploring a new era of cryptocurrency, and they are set to leave a positive impact on people’s lives by empowering them with the right tools to explore this new frontier.

PlatonCoin goes above and beyond what the majority of cryptocurrencies have done. Based and built on blockchain, PlatonCoin is more than a digital currency as it was purposefully and carefully built on an ecosystem that intends to educate people more about crypto and help them gain disadvantages that will propel them to the main playing field of the industry. PlatonCoin wants to uplift lives and help users as a tool to build wealth and accumulate resources for their families. With its unique and extremely complex ecosystem, Platon Life provides people with access to various tools and features, as well as passage to a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion and see the greater picture in the crypto arena.

Platon Life is built on very simple and easy-to-absorb information yet has the potential to profoundly impact its community. The membership-based system gives users many perks, including the option to connect and educate people. It also offers a training program that starts with the very basics to some of the most game-changing information in digital currency. In addition, students get rewarded with PlatonCoin in real-time once they complete a level in the program, making cryptocurrency feel more tangible.

Educated users will then have the option to buy, store, spend, and stake on the platform using their PlatonCoin. Platon Life offers its own unique Platon Wallet that can be insured for up to one million euros. The Platon Wallet, and its security, are something that other platforms or coins do not offer its users. The Wallet also supports eight different cryptocurrencies, so it can easily be utilized with more than just PlatonCoin.

Furthermore, Platon Life also created Platon Store, where members can use their PlatonCoins to purchase vouchers to buy goods and services for much lower prices. Platon Life has partnered with various retailers, restaurants, and organizations to provide users with access to the best. Users can also invest in high-value items, such as luxury cars and vintage fashion.

“We give a chance to people in this new digital era to become something, to create something, in this new dimension, build this financial legacy. This is a new wave for the future of money. We want to create a mass community of people that will support and help each other and talk about the progress they have and how they are using this to give back to the world,” said Daniel and Julia Tanner.

Besides enriching the lives of its members, Platon Life is also committed to making a difference by giving back to various communities and organizations. The company is raising money to help with various humanitarian causes, and they have recently established a partnership with Pope Francis to aid in bringing financial literacy to children through his foundation.

Platon Life is currently based in Prague. However, the company is working non-stop with organizations and businesses worldwide, as well as expanding its community to create a better future for everyone in the growing Platon Life ecosystem.