ZUDO: A Jewelry Brand With A Conscience

It’s rare to have a jewelry line that goes beyond aesthetics, and goes out of its way to ensure it is making an impact within communities around the world. What is mostly a profit-oriented industry for many of its competitors is not the same for ZUDO – a growing jewelry brand that is mindful of the beauty within every culture, language, and race. More than growing economically, ZUDO is about making a difference in the lives of its clients and the world in general. 

To be inclusive, even in the concepts behind their designs, is what the founders of the company envisioned from the beginning. Recognising an undeniable gap in the market with regards to the availability of personalized jewelry for underrepresented groups, the ZUDO founders made it their most important company values to pay homage to the rich culture of their customers. 

Initially, the founders came up with designs that attributed to their South Asian and Muslim heritage. These include customizable pendants, pieces with a spiritual significance such as the must-have staple Allah medallion necklace as well as elegant cuffs that serve as a reminder to always remain patient, kind and grateful. With their thrust to make ZUDO inclusive, the company released empowering collections that featured a wide array of hometowns in the form of a necklace or ring. This collection was called Represent Your Roots. 

One of the many things that people seem to love about ZUDO’s jewelry collection is its durability and quality. Each item can be worn while swimming in the ocean, sweating it out in the gym, or simply enjoying a cool and vibrant vacation in a humid location. Their pieces will never tarnish or rust. ZUDO’s excellent craftsmanship is something that remains unmatched up to this day. 

“ZUDO isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of brand. We go out of our way to make sure our pieces are perfectly created for each individual. Each piece has personal elements that are open to flexibility. All of our jewelry is timeless – in the sense that they will quite literally last forever! We test them in water for weeks, rigorously test their durability and yet they will never lose their color or tarnish,” Ibraheem Nadeem explains. 

Ibraheem Nadeem is the founder of ZUDO. The idea of developing the business came about when he was in search of the perfect gift that would match the beautiful personality of his would-be wife, Zuni. The search turned out to be quite challenging, but he refused to give up. He realized that there isn’t much in the market that represented their South Asian Muslim heritage. This served as the inspiration to build a brand that would later become a company that allowed clients to be well represented. ZUDO is all about creating a personal experience for clients and allowing them to celebrate their diversity. 

Aside from promoting inclusion, ZUDO contributes to organizations that promote mental health and support victims of sexual violence. They are active partners of Heart Women & Girls and MannMukti. Creating awareness on these pressing social concerns is crucial and ZUDO encourages their customers to break the silence on these topics. The result is a meaningful movement of change. The founders intend to take their advocacy a notch higher in the future by building shelters and wells for impoverished communities. 

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