Youngest Insurance Agency Owner Antoine Augustin Cites Secrets to Success

The economy is rapidly changing at its core for millennials who are raising the standards for their careers, seeking greater purpose and incentives that are beyond the nine to five grind. Antoine Augustin is one such millennial. At only 24 years old, he built his own insurance agency, Augustin Financial Group, and has since become the youngest agency owner to be.

Joining a top insurance company and developing an agency of his own, he shares the new path of success that millennials enjoy, paved by Symmetry Financial Group.

Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, Augustin had four siblings. He was the middle child and has always been the peacemaker and the neutral one. When his father passed away in 2008, they hit rock bottom. His mother could not work long hours due to a disability, nor his father had any insurance coverage that would help them out during that tough time.

“I remember going into stores as a kid, and I knew we couldn’t afford some things,” he recalls. “So, I wouldn’t touch anything or ask my mom, because I knew it was going to be a no.”

Eventually, this experience pushed him to focus on his future. He worked so hard to make sure he will never be in that situation ever again. Luckily, he does not have to look far; his experience provided him a lifetime’s worth of reasons why an insurance career is the best choice.

Today, the field that he is in allows him to help his clients tremendously. 

“My products help clients grieve properly without the hardship of worrying about their finances,” he shares. “That’s something my family went through because of no proper coverage in place, and to this day, we are still recovering.”

His entrepreneurship ventures started when he was in middle school. At an early age, he failed and learned a lot. At this point, he finally found a system that works, which allows him to have the time and freedom for his family.

He now has the incredible opportunity to help others, millennials like him, who want to go down a career path that not only rewards them financially but gives them the time and freedom they deserve.

Looking back at the struggles he had been through, he experienced first hand the real impact of life insurance on the lives of its partners. He now has the opportunity to share and educate families, partners, and individuals on how important life insurance is. For him, the last thing he wants to see is a family who would go through what he and his family went through.

Augustin is now helping create more entrepreneurs and leaders to succeed, just as he did. He leads a team of passionate individuals building a career in insurance. He urges others to start their own journey to success and explore the vast opportunities in the business. Most of their team members are themselves Symmetry Financial Group policyholders, baring their trust in the products and the company that they now share with their clients.

His success reveals the other face of millennials – a generation that is caring, generous, and purpose-driven.

To learn more, visit Augustin Financial Group or follow him on Instagram.