William Cabrera, a Man of Many Talents

Some people are born a genius. Naturally gifted people are quick to learn and pick up their natural inclinations without much effort on their part. If nurtured and guided properly, these people can achieve at a young age what some people could take years to do. They would go on and become incredibly successful in the fields they chose to be in and the careers they want to pursue.

William Cabrera may be a genius in his own right.

William Cabrera is a man of many talents. He started playing the piano when he was two years old, though his parents only found out about it when he was seven years old. The first time his parents heard William play the piano, they were shocked to find out he was playing Fur Elise. William had learned to play a classic song all by himself. They decided to enroll him in music classes. William advanced four years of keyboard study in just a year, making him the fastest learner the course ever had. He has performed in many different locations as a solo pianist, and also was part of a band, playing gigs at bars with over fifty people. Though sadly the band broke up, William still has more in store.

Last May 29, 2020, William, going by the stage name BlueKevinJay, released his first album on Spotify, which was an exciting moment for him and one milestone achieved. He writes and performs his pieces. His music genre is Pop, Pop Rock, and Rock, and he hopes to attract interested listeners of each type. William has such a unique and exceptional ability in music as well. He can make a song with only three notes. William will ask you to give him any three musical notes from the keyboard for the melody and a topic about anything for the lyrics. Once he has the options, he can create a song right away following the chosen options in less than a second. His unique talent is incredibly impressive, and William knows he can grab anyone’s attention and make it worthwhile.

On top of being an insanely talented musician, William is also a voice impersonator, mimicking the voices of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Patrick Star, and many other cartoon characters. He has a fun and lighthearted montage of impressed reactions from people whenever he impersonates cartoon characters on Youtube. Someday, William wants to work as a voice actor for cartoon characters and work with various animation studios. For now, he is on the lookout for voice casting and available positions that will also allow him to do what he loves. If there are also bands that might need a pianist, William is the right man for the role.

One of William’s dream is to perform in X-Factor someday, to showcase his incredible talents and unique abilities and to test if he has the chance to win. By then, he will have shown the world just how remarkable his exceptional skills are and make a name for himself out there.

William Cabrera’s music can be found on Spotify, and his voice impressions can be found on Youtube. Be sure to check them out!