What World Events and Life Changes Will the New Year 2021 Ring In? A Look Forward with Dallisa Hocking

Ask anyone – 2020 has been a wild ride! But as the year comes to a close, and 2021 is on the horizon, we can also see 2020 as a marker in time. In the years to come, starting with 2021, we will define moments as “before 2020.” We will notice life as not being the same and feel the impact of massive changes as this turning point occurs.

That’s an uncomfortable opening paragraph for the many people who detest change. However, not all change is bad. It might feel that way if you don’t adapt well to change, but as always, life will be what you make it. And those who can “ride the wave” and get comfortable with new ways will be happier and more productive a lot faster than the resistors.

Without further ado, the following are the best-laid plans and predictions for 2021.

Overall themes.

2021 drew “The Tower” card from the tarot deck. How does that play out? Think transformation, tearing down, destruction, and life not being the same. The Tower card is associated with events that cause major upheaval. These events can be quite scary and do a great deal of damage. The good news is that this destruction is usually crushing a falsehood, or something built on false hopes and dreams. And now that this lie is exposed and destroyed, there is room for truth. They are so life-changing that, at the end of them, you emerge wiser and more robust. The bright side of it all is that from the devastation comes renewal and creation.


One of the ways 2020 becomes a defining marker in time is in healthcare advancements. Due to a new workflow within medicine in this past year, 2021 will spark innovative medical discoveries. For example, advances with “protein” protocols in Alzheimer’s will make great strides in eradicating the disease. Equally encouraging, 2021 will usher in less-invasive, new-wave technology to become a best practice in cancer treatments. There will also be a turning point in AIDS research and therapy. In many ways, 2021 will be a year of medical advancements, and in making big moves towards significant cures.

World events.

The U.S. will start to feel increasing economic uncertainty, and the results will be the loss of some allies. Additionally, the U.S. will struggle to remain a global force as China and Russia become more of a powerhouse duo. The Asian countries, led by China, will become more vocal about missile launches. While Russia will also be developing new destruction methods, they will embrace more secrecy in their advances. In the U.S., there is potential to create a more significant divide between races and religions. These societal woes will tend to make people take matters into their own hands. In the finance realm, money and banking systems will change as financial institutions, unemployment rates, and home foreclosures go through difficulties. Currency, its value, and how we use it will begin a more formal shift in 2021, and precious metals will continue to increase in value. Finally, the 2020 marker in time applies to the way we pay for things. Beginning as early 2021, bartering for goods and services will become a standard practice.

Natural disasters.

The year 2021 will see a massive tsunami on the eastern side of the globe. In the U.S., increased volcanic activity in a U.S. park will spark major concerns over an eruption. Overall, the world will experience more volcanic activity than usual, and people will see lots of orange skies and destructive fires. In California, major earthquakes will wreak havoc, and the shocks will be felt in neighboring states, including Oregon.


Moving on from the election of 2020 will prove to be more challenging as lawsuits litter the court system. Energy and visions point to a level of victory for President Trump. Unfortunately, political unrest will escalate looting, fires, riots, and gun violence. The 2020 election events and their aftermath will continue to shroud the election process with mistrust and upheaval. There will be some fundamental changes to the office of the president in 2021.

Media and celebrities.

The upcoming year will have a morbid and tragic theme with young celebrities “dying too young.” A young, very famous actress will die suddenly and tragically, and there will be many question marks around her passing. Many will wonder, “How could it happen?” In the end, misused substances will be discovered as the cause of death, and her death will be ruled an accident after the investigation. There will also be another prominent actress with blonde hair who will die of an overdose, but a thorough investigation will not be needed. And a famous young, male, comedic actor, under the age of 40, will commit suicide.

On the media front, prominent media personalities will be found to be involved in a series of lies and massive cover-ups. The public will begin to heavily question who they can trust as court proceedings ensue.

Final thoughts.

In what looks to be another challenging year, you must be mindful that you can only control yourself and your thoughts. In an uncertain time, how will you respond? Will you choose to take positive action or point your finger at everyone else? If you choose to play the victim in 2021, you’ll likely feel run over by a freight train. Some rules to live by in 2021:

  1. Stick with the facts and ask for clarity and discernment when you need it, rather than jumping to conclusions and overreacting negatively.
  2. Things around you will be changing quickly – don’t panic. Breathe, stay in the present moment, allow things to unfold, and allow yourself to live in the question. Use your energy to create joy in your life and community.
  3. Life may feel confusing or unclear, so give yourself grace and patience. If you get stuck, ask yourself, “What can I do now that will create more joy?” And then, let your heart lead the way.
  4. Don’t get pulled into other people’s drama or vendettas. That’s too much negative energy. Unless it’s something you can turn into a positive, avoid the negative and save your energy for uplifting yourself and others.
  5. Hang on! It might be a wild ride! But as with all significant life changes, when the process is over, we will somehow wonder how we managed any other way.

Dallisa Hocking

Before she became a nationally recognized psychic medium, mindfulness expert and intuitive business consultant, Dallisa Hocking led a very different life as an executive in the casino industry in Las Vegas. She has made matters of the heart, living authentically, and teaching people how to elevate their own joy her core mission. She founded Spirit & Spark, a nationwide company devoted to matching clients with top spiritual and wellness service providers, allowing for thoughtful, healing connections.

Hocking has trained with industry superstars, such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Raymond Moody. She received her psychic gifts from her grandmother (Eloise) and great-great grandmother (Bell). Hocking has also had the privilege of working on missing persons, mysterious deaths and cold cases, providing loved ones with information and closure.

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