What Hither Mann Taught the Team at Credit Suisse about Peak Performance

You may be wondering what one of the most prominent female figures within the Foreign Exchange community could teach a team of executives at Credit Suisse. In this article, we interviewed Hither Mann, Founder of Fortune Academy, on what she could possibly teach a team about peak performance, and what we found blew us away. 

Diagnosing the Problem

When Hither arrived at Credit Suisse, the director gave her 12 individuals in her team to work with. She was then briefed on the situation, including the different egos amongst the group as well as why she was needed. According to the director, she needed Hither to take the team at Credit Suisse towards a more workable esque level through peak performance strategies. 

So when Hither got down to business, her first initiative was forcing the team past their ego barrier and unraveling the insecurities holding them back. Throughout the entire process, she recalls seeing so many of the team members go through self-discovery processes and come face to face with their subconscious programming. The same programming that had been sabotaging their performance at work and even trickling into their home life. The difference was very evident when she identified the biggest problem within that team’s company culture. The problem came from the hierarchical system within Credit Suisse, and to Hither’s surprise, the biggest problem happened to be the Director herself. So as any witty performance coach would do, she optimized the variables to find a successful formula that happened to be changing the entire approach. 

Hither’s Approach for Peak Performance

Hither first began with a simple exercise for each individual where they had to discuss three positive and three negative traits out of their personality, while not mentioning any work-related skills as part of their answer. What Hither quickly realized is that the team struggled to self evaluate most of their entire self-worth derived from some sort of attachment to their workplace. Hither immediately saw a potential red flag within the team members, as attaching their worth to a workplace can make it difficult to see positives in their life outside of work. 

So Hither introduced them to subconscious programming, taking them back to their childhood and learning about both the good and bad behavioral patterns that have taken them to where they are today. This approach led by Hither allowed them to reprogram the self-sabotaging patterns they had developed over the years. According to Hither, the team’s feedback was so positive, they felt their eyes had truly been opened. From feeling trapped under the boundaries created by their leader, to feeling like they could accomplish anything as a team and as an individual, supports just how powerful Hither’s approach was for the team at Credit Suisse. 

“Biggest Piece of Value She Shared with Credit Suisse” 

The biggest piece of value that HIther can confidently say contributed towards improving the performance of this team would be understanding the skill of self-awareness. The trait of having full self-awareness in an environment that requires a team to perform at a high standard which will then allow you to pivot from belief to actions, ultimately opening the doors to reprogramming your sabotaging habits altogether. 

Hither’s Takeaway from this Experience

Her experience opened her eyes to how much mental health is often overlooked within the banking world. Normally, the pressure and anxiety associated with a high-performance career lead to alcohol and drug abuse, even extramarital affairs, and other adrenaline-fuelled activities. The latter behavior explains why suicide rates are amongst the highest in the banking world and not enough mindset training is carried out by banks for their staff regularly. Overall, Hither loves coaching high paid individuals both from the banking world, such as the team at Credit Suisse, and other CEOs of successful companies to reach new levels of greatness in their financial and personal goals. As for the future, she will continue to expand in this avenue through her Millionaire Mindset Program and 1:1 Limitless coaching calls. Further details can be found here: https://linktr.ee/hithermann