Wendy Gerhardt: Unlocking the Secret to Living Life in Own Terms

“The moment you let go of what you think you know, and allow what is trying to come through, life will unfold in the most magical way, “ declared Wendy.

Everyone has a fair share of victories and struggles. Wendy Gerhardt is not excused from that fact. But despite what life has thrown at her, her unwavering courage to pursue the life she has wanted and went on to triumph regardless.

The master mindset coach, course creator, mom of two, loving wife, and the founder of Higher Vibe Collective and Soul Simple Life transformed herself from struggling entrepreneur to thriving digital CEO. Wendy and her family now have the unique opportunity to travel to different parts of the globe. “I’m living the kind of life I dreamed about when I started my business,” Wendy proclaimed. 

As a transformational mindset coach, Wendy works with spiritually curious digital entrepreneurs struggling to get results. “Most of my clients or students have tried every strategy in the book, taken course after course, and even tried manifesting their success. What I know, which is what they learn during their time with me, is they are trying to create internal results using external methods. Even if they get some sense of success it either won’t last, or they won’t feel any real sense of accomplishment from it. Everything they want is already inside of them. They simply need to learn how to access it.”

Known for sharing her spiritual wisdom and mindset tips to over 35,000 Instagram followers, Gerhardt believes everyone has a divine right to design a life they love. While life may be smooth sailing for Wendy Louise today, it was not always like this. 

Growing up in a household that perpetuates the concept of “traditional life,” Gerhardt’s colorful childhood imaginations were tainted with strong influences from her parents and the environment she was surrounded with. She has seen her entrepreneur mother devote herself to work and would succumb to the stressful demands of the clients. Her father, an army officer, always has ingrained in her the concept that working hard paves the way to get what one wants. 

Trying to create a so-called “traditional life” took a toll on Wendy. “Part of me started to rebel. My soul wanted more than the life I was living. My dissatisfaction with my life grew to the point that I could not ignore it anymore,” said Wendy.  

In January 2018, after struggling to build her business for over two years with zero results and being over $200,000 in debt, Wendy hit rock bottom. She recalls being chronically ill, depressed, anxious, and going in and out of the hospital. 

Desperate for change, Wendy immersed herself in personal development, spirituality, meditation, and energy work. “Everyone around me started to notice the change. Suddenly my glass was not half empty all the time. I started to notice I had more confidence and belief in myself. I started holding myself accountable, and took responsibility for my results in all areas of my life. Even though I was broke, I felt abundant. I felt grateful. Before I knew it my business took off.” She was on a mission to help others on their own transformation journey using the exact same framework she created for herself. 

Asked about what separates her from the competition, Gerhardt shared that a cocktail of spirituality, energy, and science is the secret ingredient to her practice. Additionally, she claims it is her unique use of meditation in combination with other modalities that separates her from the field. 

According to Wendy, success is less about what you’re doing and all about who you’re being. She says, “I’m in the business of helping entrepreneurs ‘become’ the version of themselves that attracts what they desire most.” When asked about future endeavors, Wendy claims to remain focused on helping others to have their own personal and professional breakthroughs so they too can live dream-worthy, freedom filled lifestyles. 

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