Versatile Artist Undead Papi Encourages Listeners to Take an Open-Minded Approach to the World Today

Nearly every decade in the music industry is dominated by a genre or subgenres that mark that time as a memorable era. Today’s industry has a very wide range that covers pop, hip-hop, folk, and many more. Rising artist Undead Papi is popularly known for paying tribute to his predecessors in the metal genre.

For as long as Undead Papi can remember, he has always been passionate about music. While others merely listened casually or for enjoyment, listening to music had always been a necessity for the would-be artist. Wherever he went or whatever he was doing, music spoke to Undead Papi in a way nothing else could. He grew up listening to many different genres, introducing a lot of opportunities in his creative process. Undead Papi was compelled to combine various attributes from contrasting styles.

For the longest time, Undead Papi always had the potential and creativity to sing, but he still lacked the confidence to pursue a music career. Everything changed when he took a leap of faith in 2018. At the age of sixteen, he found the confidence and support he needed to get up on stage, and since then, he hasn’t looked back. With time, he got better as he perfected his craft. Eventually, he found his footing and took the stage name, Undead Papi.

As an artist, Undead Papi sets himself apart from the constant wave of new upcoming artists by broadcasting his unorthodox style and immense creativity throughout his tracks. Undead often crosses the lines between genres by bringing unprecedented sounds to his music, making him stand out from his fellow musicians. The versatility and individuality he put into his works are unmatched, as is the fact that not many artists go outside their genre. Undead Papi is constantly learning and finding ways to take his music to the next level. Among his abilities is singing, rapping, and performing all sorts of metal vocals, an impressive feat as most singers don’t dare even to try. He is constantly striving to do better and evolve as he believes that music diversity is extremely important and useful. It gives his many different audiences a chance to enjoy his works, regardless of their preferred genre.

Since his breakthrough, Undead Papi has released four EP albums, two coming from 2019 and two released this year. In those albums, new listeners can find smooth melodic songs in tracks like “Death is Near” or “Hold On By a Thread,” while the “February Corpse” EP offers a more heartfelt sound. Metal fans will find themselves enjoying tracks with extreme metal-influenced energy “R6B Z6MBIE” or “CORONAVIRUS.”

Recently, Undead Papi has released the music video for the track, AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS. The song is an experimental track that combines metal with rap in a brand new format. The song carries a controversial yet deeply sincere message that many listeners will find relevant right now. Undead Papi takes an unconventional stance by holding no bias in the argument between either side in the divergence. He calls out both sides and holds them accountable for their wrongdoings and corruption. The track’s goal is to influence the listeners to take a more open-minded approach and, rather than following a party and becoming part of an agenda, think for themselves.

As a musician who embraces individuality, Undead Papi wants people to ask more questions, whether politics or other matters.

Undead Papi’s music can be found on Spotify. His music video for AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS is already up on YouTube.