Venerated Capital Group’s Preston Buhrmaster and Austin Verde Combine Expertise to Create Weekly Market Report

Venerated Capital Group (VCG) is the leading company in helping individuals become confident and consistent traders. Because of its success, VCG has earned the reputation as “The Investors Institution” — a bold statement on the number of competent investors the company has produced over the years. The institution’s founder and lead analyst, Preston Buhrmaster, specializes in providing his students with practical knowledge on industry standards. He caters to all types of clients, from college students to seasoned professionals at the height of their careers. Recently, VCG announced the collaboration between Preston Buhrmaster and Austin Verde in creating a Weekly Market Report.

The company’s announcement of welcoming Austin Verde as an Investment Analyst Intern is further evidence of VCG’s unique capacity to recognize and develop talent. Verde is currently working on his degree in economics at Binghamton University. In joining Venerated Capital Group, Verde brings with him a keen insight into the financial markets. His impressive background will also greatly benefit the company. Members are already looking forward to seeing how he will utilize his broad skill set for the Weekly Market Report. During the initial stages, the report will be exclusively available to members of The Investors Institution.

Austin Verde began his journey to Venerated Capital Group as an applicant for the Sales Associate position. However, his engagement with Preston Buhrmaster quickly revealed that a more advanced role within the company would allow him to create a more significant positive impact. Buhrmaster was not about to put Verde’s expertise to waste. “His passion for trading and his undeniable work ethic matched our core values perfectly,” explained Buhrmaster.

It did not take long for this compatibility to bear fruit. Soon after taking the role of Investment Analyst, Austin Verde conceptualized with Preston Buhrmaster starting a Weekly Market Report. Their goal was to provide The Investors Institution members with a more in-depth analysis of the financial markets. Within a week of Verde officially joining Venerated Capital Group, the pair created and released the first Weekly Market Report. Once again, Buhrmaster was right on the money. And Verde was already delivering results.

The Weekly Market Report is set to further increase VCG students’ dominance of the trading market. Besides key insights tailored to specific markets, this resource provides information and analysis on vital businesses, global events, and political news. Equipped with these tools, investors can make better decisions for the coming week. The Weekly Market Report also provides charting and potential trade ideas from both Buhrmaster and Verde. The Investors Institution members can expect to learn analysis on the US Stock Market, the Foreign Exchange Market, cryptocurrency, and commodities.

To continue improving The Weekly Report, Preston Buhrmaster and Austin Verde use the feedback they receive from readers each week. Although it is only available exclusively to The Investors Institution at the moment, the pair aim to make the report accessible to everyone. The Weekly Report is the latest of a host of features and benefits provided by the company. These include extensive startup guides and tutorials, access to the private discord server where it all started, daily trade signals, and many more.

For more information on Venerated Capital Group, you may visit the company’s official website.