Triumph Tissue Building an Army That ‘Wipes Like Winners’

“Wipe like a winner.” That’s the mantra that Zabian and Keisha Gibson are building their new toilet paper towers on. Their new business venture, Triumph Tissue, looks to revolutionize how people gain access to toilet paper and other bathroom essentials, a pain point many people knew all too well at the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, people flocked to supermarkets to hoard basic essentials. In consequence, the general public started to see a shortage of toiletries, most especially toilet paper. One product that would usually disappear from shelves quicker than a mirage was toilet paper.

This crisis is what gave Zabian and Keisha the inspiration to create Triumph Tissue. In light of the apathy of large corporations toward the general population, the entrepreneurial couple set out to create a subscription-based model for high-quality tissue paper for anyone who never wants to worry about the shortage of toiletry products.

With this new approach, The Gibsons hope that their innovative approach to a rather mundane product will disrupt the industry. When convenience is in high demand, people are looking for ways to access everyday needs without anxiety or worry. Their creative approach to bathroom essentials looks to bridge the gap between product producers and consumers with as much ease on both ends as possible, ensuring that poor distribution and shortages never have to be a cause for panic ever again.

The pain point begins with Zabian and Keisha’s realization that more prominent distributors, handlers, and intermediaries don’t always put the customers’ welfare first. “Disappointed by their unwillingness to pivot to serve their customers during a time of extreme need effectively, we were inspired to create a reliable, forward-thinking option people could trust to deliver excellence through thick and thin,” shares the couple on how the inspiration for Triumph Tissue came about.

Triumph Tissue hopes to serve the hardworking individuals who search for an elevated experience in everything, even bathroom essentials. Their luxurious three-ply rolls provide the sturdiness that most one or two-ply brands cannot provide. This market supports Triumph due to the premium and first-class nature of the end consumer experience. In a day where most professionals search for automation in their most time-consuming tasks, Triumph Tissue offers a solution to the hunger for convenience and luxury.

Yet as luxurious as Triumph Tissue’s offering might appear, the company does not leave anyone behind. Through their charitable efforts, they hope to provide unfortunate masses with access to toiletries that they would otherwise be unable to access. The company has also committed a portion of their proceeds to non-profit organizations with worthy causes. As a black couple, Zabian and Keisha Gibson hope to be a voice for the minorities who aspire to become entrepreneurs themselves.

With a vision of the future, Zabian and Keisha hope that Triumph Tissue will also be the beginning of other lines of subscription-based toiletries that will offer nothing but excellence and convenience to people everywhere.

To check out and learn more about Triumph Tissue, you can visit their website and LinkedIn account.