Trey Cornelius Surmounting Different Hurdles to Get His Big Break in Music

The name Trey Cornelius may not strike a chord at the moment, but every chord he strikes on his guitar lends credence to his undeniable talent. He is a musician from Huntsville, Alabama, who started singing as a teenager. Trey spent a great deal of his time learning guitar, and he started entertaining people with music as a teenager. In the beginning, all he did was sing other people’s songs, participate in school shows, and karaoke. Then, as he grew older, he realized that many people were making it big time as musicians, and he decided to pursue music as a career too. He started writing his own lyrics, and today, he is setting plans into motion to launch himself into the limelight and get a record deal.

He has done covers for a lot of songs and has recorded songs of his own too. His versatility with instruments is another thing that sets Trey Cornelius apart from a lot of other young, budding musicians. He can play the guitar, piano, and banjo. At the moment, Trey is putting social media to good use as he continues to promote his music on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, and for the public.

Trey Cornelius’ music career has not been without hurdles and obstacles. However, being a determined young man, none of that has stopped Trey from pursuing his dreams. When narrating some of the hurdles he has had to scale through, Trey says, “There were places I wanted to go sing at, but I couldn’t because you had to be a certain age or you had to be a member of something. Once I got past that, things got easier to do. One time, I went across the country for a music competition where I made the top 40. Another hurdle was having to learn the guitar. At first, I couldn’t get the right chords into motion; however, in about two weeks, I got my fingers to work, and I already learned six chords.”

Trey does not believe in limiting oneself to the confines of circumstances or life situations. He is a proud fighter, and he has the sheer will to always get things done. The two mottos he lives by are “Make it happen” and “There’s no such thing as No or Never.” His motivation to play the guitar and sing professionally stemmed from many people close to him who became successful musicians. One of his five-year goals is to perform for a large crowd in downtown Nashville.

Trey Cornelius is passionate about his music, so he is trying to get his profile and catalogs out there to earn more respect and fame. He enjoys the feelings that come with the fact that he is exactly what his audience is looking for in a musician, even if they don’t know him yet. He is on his way to becoming like Thomas Rhett, LeAnn Rimes, Dolly Parton, and Taylor Swift someday.

Watch Trey Cornelius perform on his YouTube channel.