Totally MOM-Sense on Taking the Parenting Platform in a Buzz

Over the last decades, social media’s impact has gone from being an entertainment spot to becoming an integrated part of people’s daily lives. In the realm of commerce, social media platforms are also positively growing. Social Media became a place of free or shared information regarding different aspects of people’s lives. One of the most common topics discussed on the internet is motherhood. 

Motherhood does not come with a manual. As scary as it sounds for most women, motherhood can also be overwhelming. For these reasons, many first-time mothers choose to share their real-life and first-hand experiences through social media. It is a way of venting out and connecting to other women who are experiencing the same struggles. Rupal Srivastava is one of those first-time mothers who found her way in the comforts of social media. When she birthed her baby girl, she started a blog called Totally MOM-Sense. Now, Totally MOM-Sense is starting to make a buzz on the parenting platform, which is an excellent outcome for mothers like Rupal.

Totally MOM-Sense is a blog that also shares unlimited resources about parenting and other “mommy” hacks. It has developed from a place for entertainment and knowledge into an integral part of people’s lives. Through this blog, each person with marginal views can see that they are not alone. Being featured on Influencive and on about 75 different sites, Totally MOM-Sense is influential enough to deserve the recognition it earns.

As a blogger, Rupal has been featured on Thrive, Medium, and other famous publications. She has been collaborating with the most respected names in the country for three years. Some of the brands she has collaborated with include Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Head and Shoulders, B&G, Target, Walmart, and Pampers. Given all these achievements, Totally MOM-Sense is her way of giving back. 

Totally MOM-Sense differs from other blogs because its platform focuses on motherhood’s intimate angle. By continually sharing her healthy lifestyle, Rupal is also influencing many of her viewers to do the same and eat healthily. The impact of Totally MOM-Sense on today’s society’s parenting style will also help shape the future generation. Rupal always makes sure to be a good example and to have something that will leave a significant mark on her followers.

Totally MOM-Sense is not about gaining fame and being recognized; it is more about connecting and sharing. Topics like parenting, pregnancy, breastfeeding are just some of the most sensitive and complex aspects of life. Totally MOM-Sense provides information that is backed by science and first-hand experience. Its mission is to grow into a world-renowned site where moms and dads can turn to if their questions remain unanswered. 

Totally MOM Sense believes that it takes a happy mother to raise happy children. The parenting style she influences people to follow is not merely based on the books she has read; it is also filled with maternal instincts and unconditional motherly love. Totally MOM-Sense is a haven for parents, not just mothers. Right now, it is taking the parenting platform on a buzz.

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