Tito Dudley: The Amazing Journey from Cancer Survivor to Natural Food Chef and Fitness Trainer

Living to tell the tale of having survived cancer at a young age is such an extraordinary testimony. What becomes of one’s life after cancer is a testament to all the realizations gathered throughout the experience. Celebrity chef, Tito Dudley, is making it his personal advocacy to help people live healthy lives after beating cancer at 15. 

Chef Tito has been in the business of helping people eat better and stay fit at the same time for the past 25 years. Fighting cancer and surviving it opened his eyes to the importance of eating natural food, a consistent exercise routine, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He is constantly learning new ways of preparing delicious and nutritious meals using naturally-grown food as his way of giving back to the community. He also wants to teach people how to prevent cancer by simply taking care of one’s body.

His cancer journey started when he woke up one morning to feel a lump on his neck. He knew right away that it wasn’t supposed to be there. Without thinking twice, his mother took him to a physician. He didn’t know what to expect back then, but he braced himself for whatever diagnosis will be given. No 15-year-old would ever anticipate having cancer at such a young age. Much to his dismay, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a form of lymph node cancer. 

The initial shock was understandable. Once he got over it, he pushed himself to fight back and went through treatment. His faith in God was strong enough to make him confident that he will overcome the disease. While he was going through biweekly chemotherapy, Chef Tito disciplined himself to be a bodybuilder on his free days. Aside from his exercise routine, he started to educate himself about proper nutrition. To help his body heal faster, he started seeing a nutritionist who helps him understand the right food combinations and supplementation. 

His determination and hard work to survive cancer truly paid off. Six months after his diagnosis, Chef Tito was declared cancer-free, and he has been advocating healthy living through his dishes ever since. He finished his culinary degree at the Natural Gourmet School in New York City. He created his company, Simple Eats with Chef T, in 2012 and has helped people revolutionize their way of life by choosing healthy options.  

To be able to reach other people, Chef Tito is providing dietary ebooks with specific content to suit the reader’s needs. The objective is to teach people how to prepare healthy and quick meals that will sustain their nutritional needs. He also does a regular podcast on Spotify teaching followers on health, food, and plant culture. 

Chef Tito has been incredibly fortunate to have cooked for some of the most notable organizations in and outside of NYC. These include First Descents, The JCC in Manhattan, The Palette Foundation, Tu Lu’s Bakery, and Aamann Copenhagen, to name a few.

Chef Tito’s advocacy is very personal. It is his way of sparing people from the costly and deadly effects of cancer. He may not be able to reach everyone at this point, but he is willing to try if it means saving more lives. 

To get healthy recipes and helpful resources, visit Chef Tito’s company website today.