This First-of-Its Kind Vitamin Supports Immunity, Too: The Daily Vitamin with Medicinal Mushrooms Covers All Basis When It Comes to Supporting Your Wellness & Immunity

Immunity is as much of a buzzword as COVID these days, as boosting one has proven to lessen the chances of the other. While no supplement can prevent the disease itself, a strong immune system has shown to lessen the effects and/or duration of cold and flu viruses of all variations.

The question is – do you need to be taking 5000 milligrams of Vitamin C daily? The answer is no.

Vitamin D has proven helpful in fighting viruses, but do you know if you’re getting the right kind? There are 2 – and the less useful kind is the most common! 

Are there things you should be taking that maybe you aren’t? Possibly. 

Are mushrooms one of those things? Likely. 

Mushrooms are starting to gain popularity in the West but have been used for centuries in the East across a multitude of applications from reducing inflammation to cauterizing wounds and killing parasites. Egyptians depicted mushrooms as gods of immortality in their hieroglyphics, while Chinese commoners were denied mushrooms, as they were saved for the royals’ herbal tonics.

And why so magical?

The short answer: inflammation.

The long answer: inflammation is important for activating immune cells to fight off pathogens and/or remove damaged cells/debris, as well as for recruiting immune cells and blood flow that can help repair sites of injury.

These inflammatory effects are mimicked to an extent by consuming mushrooms. Special molecular bonds in the mushroom cell walls called beta-glucans are recognized by immune cells and trigger a similar pro-immune/inflammatory response.

The effect can be harnessed when dosed correctly. However, too much of even the best things can be bad.  In excess, inflammation is a risk factor for many health challenges and can over-survey the body leaving us feeling fatigued—physically, mentally, and potentially even chronically.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mushroom powders and supplements on the market—but like vitamins, there is such a thing as incorrect dosing.

Mushroom Design’s founders aimed to solve these problems—quality, quantity, and efficacy—by combining 9 essential vitamins dosed according to NIH’s standards with 9 immune-boosting, organically grown mushrooms dosed in accordance with years of peered-reviewed research—all in a highly bioavailable capsule.

Patent pending for its bioavailability and efficacy, MD’s supplement is separated into oil-soluble and water-soluble components to ensure that its properly-dosed nutrients are processed efficiently—because we’re tough enough on our bodies.

What’s more, due to its “agreeableness” on the body, there’s virtually no nausea or sickness that many people experience when they start consuming supplements. (Nausea is, incidentally, often a result of consuming too much of a supplement rather than a result of the supplement itself.)

Mushroom Design is a vegan and non-GMO daily multivitamin with medicinal mushrooms. It’s the all-in-one essential that supports your daily wellbeing and immunity. Learn more online at