There are no shortcuts, says Rup Singh Realtor and Brokerage Co-Founder

Rup Singh
Rup Singh

Rup Singh is currently recognized as a 914INC’s Top 20 Under 30 in New York, Top 1% Agent in the United States, and RE/MAX Youngest Rising Star Real Estate Broker in New York. These awards are simply a testament to his patience, passion, and hard work.

But before all these recognition, Rup Singh was a simple guy who grew up in Lower Westchester, New York or known as Yonkers. He had nothing but dreams of making it and becoming successful someday. It only began when he started his career in 2014 as a rookie agent based out of New York City. 

His journey wasn’t comfortable. Yet, with his hunger to make it big someday, his first experience showed him his passion for selling and providing his clients with exceptional customer service. And so, he started to set out and focus on residential and residential investment sales.

Through the years, Rup showed nothing but excellence in what he does. His business acumen, grit, and passion allowed him to thrive and this eventually earned him success. He then ventured into commercial investments, garnering consultation, and closing deals not only in the United States but also across the globe. Recently, he closed a deal in London. Thus, building his realty and brokerage company, the Legacy Group.

Within Legacy Group, he leads the sales team, investment portfolio, and new developments. In the first quarters of 2019 alone, Legacy Group has presented and closed over $35 million in sales and another million in a contract. They take pride in creating a sales and service process that benefits the client first and foremost.

Rup and the Legacy Group has been featured in Forbes Magazine, 914INC., Top 1% of Realtors, Rising Star of RE/MAX, among many others.

For Rup, becoming a top realtor recognized in various platforms has no shortcuts. He attributes this to his hard work, grit, and passion.

Rup and Legacy Group has set the standard on how customer service should be. For over five years, they have employed, trained, and molded a team of top agents and support staff that guarantees your success.

When it comes to success, Rup has worked so hard and built it from the ground up. But for him, success is no longer about money, the fame, and awards he’s received or being at the top, it’s about helping many people and impacting their lives. In turn, helping build their dreams from the ground up. If dreams come true means purchasing their dream home, building or selling it as their important asset or even as simple as motivating and helping others to soon achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves. All of these are already enough for him whatever way he can help.

Rup believes that “people won’t remember you for your wealth, fame, and glory but they will remember you if you’re making a difference in your community and the world.”

Rup has over 20,000 followers on social media and remains a key influencer in the realty and brokerage industry.