The Start of Something Sweet

Cookies are a go-to for every event, whether that be a birthday, anniversary, or company get together. Most people stop at their local grocery store and pick up a 12-pack of chocolate chip or those fluffy Lofthouse style frosted cookies but now, Chelan Rivero of Demi Cookie Company has something that will leave your guests in awe. Her intricately iced cookies, customizable to fit any sort of event, will be the centerpiece of every party and the talk of the town for weeks after. 

Rivero always had an interest in applying her artistic and creative abilities to sweets. When she was 15 years old, she started baking cupcake orders for friends and family members. By word of mouth, her successes began to spread, and soon she added small birthday cakes to her menu. Her baking and decorating skills were completely self-taught. Through decorating books and online tutorials, and endless hours of trial and error practice, she began to develop a skill set for sweet decorating. 

After college, Rivero worked as a wedding cake decorator for five years until she became a mother and wanted to transition to working out of her home. The cake business required a rather large workspace, so she had the idea to downsize her products from cakes to cookies. From this idea stemmed Demi Cookie Company. In 2017 Rivero began taking custom decorated cookie orders through social media and from there, her business has flourished. 

Demi Cookie Co. serves vanilla bean almond sugar cookies, Rivero’s own recipe, with custom decorations that fit any theme or occasion. She handles every step of the process, from designing to decorating, straight out of her very own kitchen. The business is run entirely through social media, on Facebook ( and Instagram (@demicookieco), each of which display a portfolio of her work. Custom cookie orders are taken through her Facebook page via Facebook Messenger. Rivero advertises her cookie expertise through social media ads which allow her to selectively share photos of her cookies to target a larger audience than just her followers. As she continues to expand her home-based cookie company, Rivero also hopes to start offering introductory cookie decorating classes for people of all ages. 

Demi Cookie Company

Her work is beautiful, delicious, and sure to add an element of fun to whatever you might be hosting. So, at your next get together, skip the basic packaged dessert and impress your guests with Demi Cookie Company’s customized cookies! They are perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, company events, and anything in between. Each order is completely customized and hand detailed to your specific occasion so step up your dessert game by placing your first order through Demi Cookie Company’s Facebook page today and bring your guests their very own edible pieces of artwork.