The Secret Success of Trü Mob’s Clothing

In March of 2017 two brothers from Portland, Oregon, Seth, and Logan Buehner, created an apparel company, Trü Mob, with goals broader than just the sale of their gear. Their ultimate intentions were to create a brand based on family, respect, and ambition, unifying millions of people through clothing. 

The Buehner brothers idea for the apparel company stemmed from the desire to share their voice through clothing. Seth Buehner, a co-founder, believes that “a tee shirt is one of the best ways to unify people who don’t even know each other,” and it was through this belief that the brothers created their brand. 

The Secret Success of Trü Mob's Clothing

Derived from their last name, Bühner (Buehner), in its original form, Trü Mob is an apparel company with items ranging from tee shirts, hats, jerseys, sweatshirts, etc… Each of these items represents one of the brothers fundamental beliefs, many of which relate to family. 

The Buehner brothers grew up always admiring those who came from nothing but were able to defy the odds. They noticed the kids that were born into bad environments but were able to push past the barriers, redefine the norms, and make a name for themselves. The brothers recognize the inevitability of struggle in every person’s life and hope that through clothing, they can show others that what matters is how you choose to handle this struggle every single day, through every single decision. Seth Buehner, a co-founder, said, “In accepting this inevitable struggle, we can create unity and change the world. So be proud of where you come from, enjoy the struggle, find/create your family, and leave your mark.” Their brand is about more than just keeping up with the trends, it is about redefining this lifestyle for the new age. 

A common motto used by the company is “Forged By Family” and this stems from their belief that we should give credit to those that got us where we are and are pushing us to where we want to be. Throughout many of their designs, there are mafia and mobster themes, representing the mentality of people involved in such groups and their ability to accept and overcome the struggle. 

Through social media advertisements, most prominently Instagram posts and ads, the brothers have been able to share their apparel, and ultimately their voice. Through each item, an idea is expressed, and as the company continues to grow, they hope to bring people together and fundamentally show others that to be happy and achieve success, they must work together. 


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