The Rise of Great Like Tony

There’s a rising rapper from Augusta, Georgia who’s primed to give rap a new kind of energy this year and he goes by the name, Great Like Tony. After releasing a few powerful tracks, collaborating with successful names in the industry, it’s undeniable that Great Like Tony is a rap artist to watch.

He writes, produces, engineers his own music, and most importantly, he has big dreams of taking over the world. From the looks of it, he’s got the makings of a hip-hop star. After years of making music on the low, he’s ready to bring his game to the next level, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. This passion just shows how this newcomer is serious in making his name and defining the rap game. 

His career seems to have had an impressive start when he first released his single, Goku, as an attempt to put his name out there. The first line, “I power up like Goku / Bitch, I feel like Goku,” alone is a sure chart-topping hit. It showed his effortless ability to make beats anchored with bouncy synths, pop rhythms, while he keeps a stash of flows and lit bars. Little did he know, this track will push his name to outstanding velocity, one where new listeners follow him in an instant and are waiting for him to release more. 

His arrival in the rap industry is a hot major-label prospect. He even proved himself more when he released his other tracks like “Real Ones Relate,” “The Box,” among a few. His collaboration, “Fiji Water” with D. Mill has also been loved by fans all over the world. Its chill vibes were something they haven’t expected from Great Like Tony, but it proved of his versatility.

Following the release of his songs, fans are loving what they’ve heard so far as he already shows the real potential of carving out a successful lane for himself. This upcoming star is ready to become the artist he was always meant to be. Great Like Tony has a lot to do to take over 2020 soon, but he’s willing to go hard to get there. After all, he knows what he’s capable of doing. “I’m the greatest,” he says. “And I won’t stop until it’s recognized.” 

Great Like Tony has recently released his collaboration with Tonto Coda. This is only a reminder to never sleep on what’s happening with him. Right now, he is shooting even far greater heights because there’s so much that this year has in store for him. And by that, he is on his way to produce more songs, collaborate more, and release more career-making tracks.

With so many possibilities at this time of his career, Great Like Tony should only focus on putting out music that will make him stand out from the rest. After all, at this rate, he’s already being hailed as the next star of Georgia’s rap scene.

Listen to Great Like Tony on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and follow him on social media, Twitter, and Instagram at @greatliketony.