The Power Grind: Approaching Professional Development From a Holistic Angle

People say that personal and business lives are mutually exclusive. However, for The Power Grind, it is the other way around. By integrating personal factors into a career path, professional success is more meaningful.

Alissa Caña, the founder of The Power Grind, believes that the typical approach to mentoring college students and young professionals stunts their potential. At The Power Grind, they employ the strategic and beneficial combination of personal and professional careers to forge the path to the best of both worlds.

“The fact is we’re human. Life is complex. The factors that make up our personal life, like personality, beliefs, experiences, goals, finances, relationships, preferences, and more, will be the primary factors that drive and direct our professional lives. And, believe it or not, they will be the primary factors that drive and direct the professional lives of those around us as well,” Caña said.

The services they offer go a step further than average professional development services. They do not just settle with mentoring young professionals on how to ace interviews or make an impressive resumé. Since The Power Grind’s principles are deeply rooted in the virtues of personal growth, they help their customers develop admirable character growth while at the same time hone their potential for their chosen careers. And of course, they do not just stop at the moment their client gets the job. The Power Grind also guides them on how to succeed in the field.

“I want them to know that personal growth is important to meaningful professional success. [They] don’t have to choose between money and doing what means the most to them. I want them to know that it’s okay to question and challenge the status quo if it doesn’t make sense,” Caña expressed.

Everyone would think that The Power Grind costs a hefty amount of money because they impart well-rounded knowledge and wisdom about life. However, the career resource hub offers reasonable and affordable price tags for their services. The company sends weekly newsletters with exclusive content and giveaway opportunities to its subscribers. They also sell mugs and t-shirts to remind their subscribers to make power moves in their careers and personal lives.

Cana has led professional development and personal growth workshops for years in college. Through her mentoring duties, she has helped hundreds of students get interviews and jobs they wanted. Seeing the potential that she has for mentoring and professional development guidance, Alissa knew what to do.  She expanded her reach to help more college students and budding professionals.

“I love dissecting topics of personal growth, professional development, and hustle hacks. Starting The Power Grind provided me with an outlet to do what I love, set the foundation for financial freedom for myself, and help more people in the process.”

With a bright future looming on the horizon, Caña is determined to scale up her company. She hopes that The Power Grind will reach thousands of students and aspiring professionals in five years. And along the way, she wants to learn more about her clients to introduce brand new perspectives that can benefit them.

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