The Political Dropout is Changing the Future of Generation Z

It has always been said that children are the future, and that they hold the key to a better tomorrow. As the next leaders of our great nation, it is important that we educate our youth as early as we can so that they would make good decisions that would shape the future of our country. Luckily, The Political Dropout is here to help educate the youth on issues that affect the America of tomorrow.

The Political Dropout is a conservative news blog that educates the youth, in particular Generation Z, on political issues. It aims to be one of the most influential conservative media outlets in Washington, DC, with the ultimate goal of “Making Generation Z Conservative.” 

The main goal of The Political Dropout is not just to tell people how to vote and what to do, but rather to educate and make people understand issues better. It aims to become an avenue where people can be heard and properly engage in civil discussion, ultimately eliminating nonpartisanship. 

Aside from its daily content, the Political Dropout will soon offer something they call “The University,” which is a platform that will help regular people form conservative arguments to debates. By reading through the content in “The University,” young people will know how to properly express their conservative beliefs during a discussion.

Marcel Milewski, the 18-year old founder of The Political Dropout, had the idea to create the blog and turned it into a reality after witnessing a public opposition towards his political beliefs. As he narrates, “I was sick and tired of being laughed at, or mocked, for being a Donald Trump supporter. I couldn’t just sit quiet and pretend like my voice doesn’t matter.” 

Marcel Milewski is an upcoming freshman at The George Washington University for its Fall 2020 Semester. Seeing that his university has a conservative population of 2%, he realizes that he has become part of the “minority”. However, instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, Milewski realized he could use it to write stories from a distinct point of view, one that might be seen as the “unpopular opinion.” 

As a college student himself, Marcel Milewski finds it imperative that he reaches out to the people who are also studying in college or are about to enter it. According to him, most colleges are “liberal indoctrination camps,” where people are brainwashed into becoming more liberal. He sees that Generation Z is the most vulnerable, but also the most powerful since they have access to the Internet at the touch of their fingertips. 

Milewski believes that it is important to aim their content at Generation Z, as they are the ones who will decide America’s future. He believes that bringing his young, conservative platform into the nation’s capital is what will help Make Generation Z Conservative. Through the work they do at their blog, the staff at The Political Dropout vows to do their part in helping their generation vote right. 

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