The Ideal Business Card

The next time you request an exchange of business cards, don’t be surprised if what results is not a card handed to you but one tapped against your smartphone. Such occurrence means the person you’ve encountered is carrying The Ideal Card, a chip-embedded instrument the size and look of a standard business card but one that triggers an Add to Contacts action on your smartphone displaying voluminous, just-transferred contact details in a matter of seconds. 

Developed by Inkgility, a marketing company headquartered in New York, The Ideal Card has enough space for phone & fax numbers, email addresses, a physical address with directions from Google Maps, all your social media profiles, instant messaging profiles, payment profiles, emergency contact information, videos, music, shopping pages, a photo/logo, an elevator pitch, upcoming events, and much more.

Better yet, explained Frederick Sona, Inkgility’s Managing Director, “the information can be updated at any time without having to be in contact with the recipient of your information. So, whenever a phone number or email changes or a new one is added, you merely revise your information via your IDEAL.BIO profile, which is a segment of your Ideal Card online dashboard. These updates in real-time & whoever has your details stored in his/her smartphone can get your new details by accessing your saved IDEA.BIO profile on his/her smartphone for an instant update.”

As with any emerging technology, some caveats apply:

  • The Ideal Card is compatible with virtually all-Android smartphones and iPhones 7, 8, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, XR2/11R, and presumably all unreleased iPhones. A comprehensive list of all compatible smartphones is maintained on the website,
  • For older iPhone models, a 2D barcode has been added to all newer card models of The Ideal Card, so the data can be scanned with the iPhone’s camera. So long as the iPhone operates iOS11 or newer, the Ideal Card can transfer information.

The Ideal Card supplies information visually, too, on Custom Models, which can give it dual purpose as a name badge or photo ID on a lanyard. This makes it an excellent networking tool at trade shows, conventions, and other networking events.

For even more convenience, perhaps, The Ideal Card doesn’t even have to be a card – the same information can be zipped through cyberspace from a ring or key holder, currently, with plans for adding chip-embedded wallets, money clips, cufflinks, smartphone cases, pens, and possibly other wearable and carriable items.

The Ideal Card is designed for business, but its technology incorporates into an EMERGENCY.BIO card that stores pertinent medical information. This card will provide emergency contact(s), a list of medications, allergies, medical history, and other details that could prove lifesaving in the event of an emergency. Like the Ideal Card, you’ll be able to update your emergency medical information at any time.

The Ideal Card can be ordered online at Pricing starts as low as $25 for what Sona terms a standard model, meaning its visual graphic design is one of several template offerings. Custom models feature designs dictated by the customer for ultimate branding impact. There are discounts for bulk orders, especially those featuring a custom design.

Sona reports surging sales figures since a hard launch in April 2019, along with a flood of inquiries regarding distribution and investment opportunities.

“We’re going worldwide, there’s no question about that,” said Sona. “We’re building the infrastructure to span the universe with this technology.”

Inkgility is a privately held corporation in operation since 2013. It provides marketing products and services, including a robust business in innovative traditional business cards and other print collateral for which Sona says there is still a need.

“The Ideal Card,” he said, “is designed for highly effective person-to-person contact. Traditional business cards still have a place in bulk distribution, for enclosing in correspondence, attaching to reports, and so forth. The Ideal Card, especially since it has the same design elements as the traditional card, is a great complement.

All sales, distribution and investment inquiries should be made through TheIdealCard’s website.