Taking the Lead for CBD: Airmid Hemp Extracts Launches Full Spectrum Products

With the increasing research studies showing support in the use of cannabis-based medical treatments for many health issues, there has been a surge in the companies selling cannabis-based products for health purposes and even for recreation. One of the companies taking the lead for the cannabidiol (CBD) industry is Airmid Hemp Extracts.

Three years ago, this company was launched online. It aimed to promote herbal healing. Hence, the name “Airmid,” which refers to the Celtic goddess of herbal healing. However, at that time, this company had to find ways to develop products that were completely free from THC because the laws of Texas on cannabis were still not clearly laid out yet.  

In 2019, the laws finally established the limits on THC in products. Since then, Airmid Hemp Extracts has been experimenting with CBD products that range from entirely THC-free to full-spectrum products. 

Today, the company provides products that do contain not only CBD but also THC in its legal limit of 0.29%. This passionate company also takes pride in its ability to provide for full-spectrum products with CBC, CBN, CBG, and CBDV. 

What sets Airmid Hemp Extracts apart from others is its reasonable pricing coupled with high-quality products. This company also ensures transparency when it comes to their products. Third-party laboratories test the products of the company. The results from these tests are posted publicly on their website to allow clients to know all the details they need about the products they wish to purchase.

For this company, its goal is more than just coming up with cannabis-based products to sell. The company is also centered on educating people about CBD as a whole. People often think that cannabis is not healthy or safe, but there is so much more to learn about cannabis-based products. To pursue this goal, the people running the company took the initiative to attend local festivals. These festivals offer a great avenue for teaching about the wonders of cannabis. 

Airmid Hemp Extracts also gives back to the community. They work with non-profit organizations dealing with children with special needs, veterans, and animal rescue groups. The company provides them with donations to help advance their cause and advocacies. 

The company is aware of the reality in the Cannabis industry. The truth is that many people have expressed their interest in using CBD products as they find it useful for recreational and medical purposes. However, a problem that continually arises is the affordability of cannabis-based products. Many people cannot continue using the products because they cannot afford them. 

Ultimately, the company believes that CBD products should be available for everyone, especially for those who need these products to alleviate medical problems such as those who suffer the painful effects of chemotherapy and major injuries. 

With this in mind, the company visualizes a future where high-quality cannabis products are sold at affordable prices, and today, this one of the main goals that the company seeks to achieve in the future. 

Get to know more about Airmid Hemp Extracts by visiting their site.