Tailor Made Seamoss Is a Venture That Thrived During a Time of Crisis

In March of this year, when the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic fully spread all over the world, countless small businesses, as well as large enterprises, were thoroughly impacted. Small ventures, in particular, took the brunt of the economic consequences of the pandemic, with a lot of them closing down over the past few months. 

Deairra Taylor-Brewer, who is also known as The Seamoss Queen, experienced the opposite. Her entrepreneurial story is a tale that deserves to be told even after the pandemic passes because she managed to start her dream online startup during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Deairra’s Tailor Made Seamoss is a product of her years of patronage to herbal products and her belief in holistic living. The company’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a fateful Instagram post of a jar of sea moss gel that Deairra made for her best friend. She did not think anything about posting it online and had the surprise of her life when she woke up the following morning to eleven direct messages asking her about the product. And the consequence of this one post was the seed to a business that would soon grow. 

On April 17, just one week after her post, Deairra became a proud owner of a registered venture. Right immediately, the business website was launched live and took orders, shipping products throughout the USA and Canada. 

Tailor Made Seamoss has expanded since then, boasting a set of items intended to promote health. The strength of the shop’s offerings lies in the capacity of sea moss, itself, to provide one’s body with ninety-two minerals and remove mucus and inflammation. In addition, Deairra takes pride in knowing that the sea moss in her inventory is a cut above the rest for being non-gritty and non-salty. 

The online shop also caters to people who are in the lookout for something more potent through the Tailor Complete 102 Mineral Capsules. And within just a few months, this shop that thrived during a time of crisis has added more herbal products. 

More than the fact that Tailor Made Seamoss was able to turn her entrepreneurial dreams into a reality, what makes Deairra feel more accomplished is how it is able to help thousands of people become more open to a holistic lifestyle. Her business and its line of products shed light on the benefits of plant-based products and how they fare against synthetic ones as tools that any person can use to take control of their health. 

Tailor Made Seamoss has garnered widespread attention, including those from a few A-list celebrities. And with Deairra at the helm, it is recognized not only for its goods but also for the excellent service delivered to customers with every order.

In the years to come, Tailor Made Seamoss is bound to be remembered not just because it was established during a moment in history where a lot of other businesses closed. With the way Deairra puts her heart and soul into her business, it will gain customer loyalty for its product’s quality and utility for years to come.

Learn more about Tailor Made Seamoss by visiting its website and Instagram page.