Strategic Genes Transcribe Plans Into Actions for Lady Bosses

Women are often pressured by many societal roles, such as being a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, and many more. Aside from these roles, women are also entrepreneurs and lady bosses and what makes women majestic is their ability to juggle all the positions at once. However, they seem to manage everything gracefully; they still need external support that fully understands them like Strategic Genes. 

Cassandra Theagene is the founder of the company, a New York native who witnesses busy streets and businesses growing and closing through time. Growing up, she has seen women who started small businesses and is now fully established, and companies that were not that successful. Having this eye-opening experience, she developed a knack for helping women entrepreneurs in succeeding. With her BA in Communications and Journalism degree from Florida A&M University and her experience working in strategic business management in various industries, such as entertainment, radio, healthcare, and local government, Strategic Genes was born in 2015.

The company’s main goal is to put women’s dreams of creating an established and sustainable business into fruition. Gone are the days when women are bound by roles set by society; women can be whatever they want to be now. Backed up with companies like Strategic Genes, the lady bosses in the business industry can build empires with ease. 

Some consultation agencies or business coaches will help their clients identify the problem and propose vague solutions, which is why most small businesses get lost, and in extreme cases, fail. They can only talk the talk and not walk the walk. What makes Strategic Genes standout is that they will not only help their client to see and analyze existing and potential problems in business, but they will also provide solutions and do it for them. They not only point at the direction to the goal, but they will even walk their clients to it. Besides, they have three things that make them outstanding – niche, results, and passion. 

By focusing on women-owned service-based businesses, the company has learned and is continuously learning all the industry’s ins and outs. Given their experience, a unique business model was crafted to help women face the challenges they usually face. These challenges are the inability to fully implement the digital processes necessary to grow their business, low income despite working round the clock, lack of relevant third-party integrations that could improve internal processes, and burnout from trying to do it all. 

Women may be used to wearing many hats, sometimes more than what they can wear, but this makes them create a stronger foundation and see things in a different light. However, even if women are hands-on with everything they do, they still need to think of a strategy for the most efficient way of playing all their roles. Strategic Genes help lessen women’s load on the business side, which gives them more time and energy to focus on other things in life. 

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