Steven La Fonte Shares Design Secret to Satisfying Society’s Crème De La Crème

Twenty years into the design industry, Steven La Fonte remains a favorite among celebrities and the most prominent A-listers in society. Hailing from New York City, the designer makes his clients feel worthy of their top-tier status by embracing the timeless classics in a world always swayed by trends. 

Steven La Fonte began his design journey in the early 1990s. He was known for his creative eye in designing and manufacturing luxury draperies and beddings for upscale Manhattan. Eventually, in 1999, La Fonte pivoted his focus and passion from fabrics and textures into an iconic design brand that captivates society’s finest and relocating his practice to South Florida. With products manufactured locally, the designer is genuinely all-American.

With his bespoke creations and impeccably refined taste, Steven La Fonte’s works have been featured across prestigious platforms in the country and abroad. His projects have graced the pages of Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors + Design, The Robb Report, Florida Design Magazine, and more. Additionally, La Fonte has also adapted with the times by showcasing his works on major social media platforms. 

Steven La Fonte implores a collaborative approach in design, ensuring that his clients’ vision is fully integrated into the projects. Furthermore, the artist prides himself on his deep understanding of various materials, finishes, textures, and fixtures, knowing what would best fit the needs of the individuals or families he’s working with. “Communication between client, design, and construction is crucial to delivering outstanding results,” said La Fonte. “Organizational skills, supervision, flexibility, and craftsmanship deliver superior results,” he added.

Besides catering to the top 1% of society, Steven La Fonte also creates masterful pieces for architects, developers, builders, and investors, looking for unique furniture to give life to their space. “It’s important to have a client that trusts you to be led through all stages of the project,” said La Fonte. Geared by his commitment and understanding of his clients’ lavish lifestyle, the designer provides pieces that perfectly complement their aesthetics. 

Over the years, Steven La Fonte has established a strong credibility in the market with his extensive branding efforts and the quality of his outputs. The designer won hearts, recognition, and loyalty, and built his competitive edge, eclipsing other elite designers in the field. 

Asked what he is currently focusing on, Steven La Fonte proudly shared that he is developing his signature, custom line of furniture while simultaneously incorporating fabrics and wall treatments into the said project. “I am also filming a documentary series showcasing the high-end world of interior design. The series features projects from conception to installation. This is a true behind-the-scenes look at the interior design industry,” shared La Fonte.

The designer hopes to enlighten viewers about the luxury of the design world within the crème de la crème of society. Steven La Fonte continues to be a strong proponent in his industry. With his ability to adapt to various situations and social environments, the designer aims to continue building his design empire and inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Steven La Fonte on his website. Check out some of his designs on Instagram.