Steven Jordan of Elite Cabinet Coatings Aims to Guide People in Building a Business With Cabinet Startup, LLC

There is a growing opportunity found in the home services industry as a whole. Due to the lack of awareness, there is a considerable labor source gap in trade-based companies. Many people were never told that there is a chance to make six figures as an electrician, plumber, woodworker, or house painter.

Steven Jordan, owner of Elite Cabinet Coatings, a booked and busy seven-figure cabinet refinishing business, and Cabinet Startup, LLC, would like to bring more attention to the opportunities made by the gap in awareness.

Before, even Steven was not aware of the windows of possibilities in the home services industry, particularly in cabinet refinishing business. His first business as an entrepreneur was an insurance firm. The run was unfortunately cut short when Steven and his business partner decided to part ways.

While thinking of a new business venture, Steven focused on analyzing where the firm went wrong and learned from the experience. Steven discovered that marketing and advertising were one of his weaknesses, and vowed to make them his strengths for the next time.

A highschool friend of Steven, Mike, contacted him and offered a job to work with his family’s business, named Espresso Finishes. The business was in the cabinet industry, specializing in cabinet refinishing. Steven was curious enough to accept the offer, even though he had no prior experience in the field. It was a good source of income while Steven was still in his research phase and on the lookout for his next business.

Within a year of working with them, Steven realized that cabinet refinishing was a gold mine of opportunities, based on how the company was generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for their work. Steven decided to make his next business pursuit in the same field.

Though Steven has a lot in mind for his friend’s family business, there was not much he could do given his position. Eventually, Steven decided to part ways and started his own operation, committing to never compete with them.

Moving across the state to Orlando, Elite Cabinet Coatings was created and thrived. After a couple of years filled with hard work and consistency, the company grew to seven figures, completing five kitchens per week, and booked for two months in advance.

With Steven’ success, he wanted to expand his business model and reach out to other people. Aiming to help other people improve their lives through painting cabinets, Steven created his second company called Cabinet Startup, LLC.

Through the company, dozens of people have been guided step by step in understanding each aspect of the cabinet refinishing businesses. The company partnered with its clients in order to jumpstart and generate profits quickly for everyone. Astonishing results were gathered from the clients they have worked with; each of them has varying levels of experience. The company’s mission is to partner up with one hundred people around the country.

Steven’s success, expertise, and experience have proven to his company that they are more than qualified to teach their process to the aspiring cabinet refinishing business owners. Steven’s philosophy revolves around contributing to a world through giving and receiving.

For Steven, giving others clear guidance in improving their lives by building a business is his priority and focus.

Visit the company’s website and connect with Steven through LinkedIn.