SofaDreams Boasts a Collection of Sectionals and Sofas That Matches Homeowners’ Style and Lifestyle

All pieces of furniture in one’s home combine to give homeowners both aesthetics and functionality, and every item contributes to the overall comfort and style that people strive hard to establish within their abodes. It is, therefore, imperative to pay a little more attention when deciding on tables, chairs, beds, couches, and more. 

In the living room, extra care needs to be given most especially to choosing sofas or sectional couches because they are primarily used for several relationship-building activities. It is where family members and friends can bond together while watching movies or catching up. It can even be utilized for basic but essential activities such as sleeping. In the latter’s case, a homeowner should ensure that their chosen piece of furniture provides the utmost ease to make resting possible. SofaDreams is a company that assists homeowners in this area.

SofaDreams is a German manufacturer of modern and luxury furniture. Founded in 2005, the company established its standing in the US in 2015 with its very first store in Dania Beach, Florida. And ever since its establishment, this innovative firm has made a mark in many living rooms for their highly-impressive sectional couches. 

The leather and fabric sofas that Sofadreams takes pride in represent the highest standard in modern design furniture. The brilliant minds behind all of their products have capitalized on the advent of technology in designing sectionals and sofas that can keep up with the needs of today’s tech-oriented individuals and families. Sofadreams has an app available to its customers that allows them to view the furniture in their home before purchase to customize to their taste through the use of AR technology.

All of SofaDreams’s sectionals have unique features like integrated LED lights, USB ports in the armrests to charge your phones, recliner functions, bed functions, cooling cupboards, wireless chargers, and many more. These particular components make it possible to not just consider the sectional as a place for rest and downtime. Given how hectic some people’s schedules could get and the discomfort of work stations, the sectionals offered by SofaDreams can act as an alternative. 

This Berlin-founded industry star also boasts luxury leather couches and sectional sofas. The perfect combination of fashion and furniture, they are crafted from high-end materials and products of the skillful hands of talented artists. As durable investments that do not require a lot of maintenance, they can even be passed down and end up as family heirlooms. 

SofaDreams also offer a wide range of colors, textures, and customizable options, making their pieces of furniture highly appealing for all homeowners with varied preferences and furnishing needs. And with its extensive collection of well-designed sofas and sectionals, it is guaranteed that every person can find one that best suits them and their homes. 

As a provider of ultra-modern sectionals, this high-growth company continues to attract the patronage of a lot of customers. Celebrities such as singer Faith Evans, Stevie J, Yandy Smith, Casanova, Anthony Mendez, Trinity Fatu, NYG Pro Footballer Jonathan Casillas, Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Devon Kennard, and Indianapolis colts Running back Nyheim Hines have even trusted SofaDreams in their promise of catering to homeowners’ diverse needs. Their increasing prestige is also driven by the fact that interested individuals and families can design their own leather sectional couch with SofaDreams’ free app. The app allows customers to pick couch features, from the design to the hue, that match their style and lifestyle. 

Learn more about SofaDreams by visiting their website as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages and find their app in the app store.