Socialbuzzhive Blog and Achieving Work-Life Harmony

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to a person’s health and relationships, but it can be difficult, especially for people with additional home responsibilities. Single mothers have an incredibly challenging time working their schedules around the kids’ curricular and extracurricular activities, pet care, and sometimes elder care. Emily Standley, the spearhead behind the blog, Socialbuzzhive, is on a mission to help others achieve flexibility and work-life harmony while also earning a lucrative income online.

There are many ways to monetize, scale, and leverage social media, SEO, and blogging strategies. Socialbuzzhive aggregates all available resources in a single online arena. As a social influencer and web writer for prominent businesses and brands, these methods have been tried and tested by this blogger who has grown her blog to millions of viewers in less than two years.

Emily Standley is a nationally published content writer and marketing strategist based in Jupiter, Florida. Her blog Socialbuzzhive, is one of two well-established blogs that she founded. The other is, dedicated to ending the cruel effects of standard animal testing in cosmetics to the public’s attention. She aims to bring attention to companies and brands that do not test on animals through reviews and articles. She has a complete list of them on the blog for the public. 

Her expertise in Google Adwords and SEO came from her experience working for a website development firm in Connecticut. It was then that she struggled in balancing her time between work and her 3 young children. Her goal was to have a flexible career that would generate enough income to sustain them through online technology.

Many people are also facing the same struggle, and Emily fully realized this when she left her job to offer social media and SEO consulting services from her home. Through Socialbuzzhive Academy and the blog, she provides the opportunity for people to gain training, develop their skills, and the means to find legitimate, lucrative, and creative work-from-home options that suit their strengths and interests. The blog makes establishing a fulfilling, flexible career possible for many people.

Emily’s specialty is in helping bloggers and entrepreneurs grow and develop a considerable online presence which is crucial for today. Her work has been published in leading publications such as Amazon Kindle, Thrive Global, Medium, Ultimate bundles, HerPaperRoute and Smart Blogger and she consults with leading companies and entrepreneurs. 

Her passion for writing is matched only by her passion for advocacy. She is an avid advocate of animal welfare and organizations dedicated to giving benefits to wounded military veterans. While she enjoys being a full-time blogger at Socialbuzzhive, she considers her personal and social health to be of great importance. On her off time, she enjoys spending time with her adult children and friends, engaging in activities such as traveling and sampling unique vegan recipes. 

Emily Standley is a woman of many talents and incredible skills, but this is not enough to state her endless hunger for growth. She is in a constant state of learning as she researches new trends and technologies within her craft.

“Within difficulty lies opportunity” is Emily’s favorite quote, and it is the reason she adopts a positive outlook no matter the challenges life presents. For advertising and writing opportunities, or to find out more about her and the Socialbuzzhive Academy visit her website.