“Side Hustle Mentor” Marquiste Boyce Inspires With His Story of Persistence

There is no fixed date as to when one’s life purpose will reveal itself, nor is there any formula one can use to come up with it. More often than not, it manifests itself in a series of failures and seemingly futile attempts. In fact, it was through a career that didn’t work out where Marquiste Boyce discovered his life purpose.

A native of Flint, Michigan, and the first of his generation to go to college, Marquiste Boyce moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in hopes of making it on top of the corporate ladder. It took years before the corporate life finally sunk into his core and made him realize he needed a break. 

One time, the company he was working for tried to cut down some expenses. As a result, Boyce was sent to the Philippines to train new employees for outsourcing. He was not completely in on this task because a part of him felt sorry for his co-workers who might lose their jobs. The sympathy weighed him down, and so he thought to himself that he could not take any longer.  

On the verge of a burnout, Boyce felt the call for a career shift while sitting on a beach. This was also when he came upon a book that would transform his life. This piece of literature served as the catalyst for shifting from the corporate rat race to the liberal world of online entrepreneurship. 

The book that became Boyce’s saving grace was written by Jay Abraham and was entitled “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.” He took every page to heart, and this enabled him to finally pull himself out of the rut he had been feeling. The book taught him to advance in life by tapping into hidden inner assets and developing the right mindset. 

Boyce understood that his new venture entailed a lot of trial-and-error and that it would take a couple of failed attempts before he would eventually succeed. After years of commitment and hard work, he landed on a profitable side hustle, which gave him his first shot at entrepreneurship. And despite not having any prior writing experience, he was able to publish a children’s book series, “Monster Kids Academy,” on Amazon Kindle. 

While he was able to self-fund the first three books, a failed crowdfunding campaign nearly shattered his dreams of entrepreneurship. But despite the setbacks that came along the way, Boyce never lost sight of the ultimate goal of becoming a business tycoon with the heart to serve.

With a couple more side hustles involving the mastery of online marketing, Boyce earned himself the title, “Side Hustle Mentor,” for being the most sought after tech coach. His works have now impacted hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world.

Through detailed video training walkthroughs and live coaching, Boyce breaks down highly complex tech-related subjects into a more straightforward process. In this way, he helps his target audience use automation in expanding their businesses while working less on manual tasks and procedures. 

Boyce’s work heavily revolves around teaching his clients the basics of marketing to create a robust follow-up automated marketing system. His success is anchored on his desire to be of service to all the entrepreneurs who are afraid to take a leap of faith. His philosophy is all about giving back to the community and working empathy.

Marquiste Boyce shares his tips and tricks on his website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.