Shirley McAlpine Is the World-Class Specialist in Leadership and Equity Every Organization Needs

Shirley McAlpine has made a significant name for herself in the leadership industry. Between being chair of the first Black and Asian Leader Windsor Leadership Program at the Windsor Castle and having worked with the largest organizations and brands including: the UN Foundation, Obama Foundation, Civil Rights Corp, IBM, L’Oreal, Shell, BP, KPMG, and the NFL, She has made herself known as a leader in the coaching space. 

Shirley McAlpine is an established British specialist with 30 years of experience in leadership, race, equity, diversity, inclusion, and individual performance. Although she has done much of her work in the United Kingdom, she has been working and living in the United States since 2013. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a faculty member on one of only 50 fully-accredited ICF programs in the world. Over the years, she has worked with various organizations and individuals throughout the United Kingdom, the United States, and other parts of Europe and Africa. Moreover, she is a former Board member of the Fawcett Society. Shirley even landed the honor of being invited to Buckingham Palace following her breast cancer awareness campaign among Black women.

The Chicago-based coaching and consulting online business spearheaded by Shirley McAlpine works alongside senior C-level executives with a primary, but not exclusive, focus on senior Black women. Her coaching program facilitates both individuals and teams in different areas, including leadership, team performance, presentation, life goals, accountability, equality, diversity, communication, and envisioning the future. Her equity work includes, consulting with companies on race, the launch of Soros Racial Equality Fellowship, and her Masterclass for White Allies called “Time to Elevate” as a response to the tragedy of George Floyd. She has also coached fellows and political campaign managers and delivered diversity engagement sessions to top leaders of the world-renowned company Shell and among the partners in KPMG UK. 

Eventually, she launched another empowering endeavor called She’s Got Drive Podcast at Apollo’s WOW Festival. In this podcast, Shirley McAlpine talks with  Black women from different industries unveiling their success stories and sharing how they achieved overall success. Some of her podcast guests include Kamilla Forbes, Apollo’s Creative Director, Paulette Rowe formerly of Facebook, Hope Boykin from Alvin Ailey and Julie Wenah, former President Obama’s appointee. The podcast is essentially designed to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams in line with her open enrollment  Execute Your Dream Program. In 2019, Black Enterprise recognized the podcast as one of the top 20 podcasts for Black women. 

At present, Shirley McAlpine is the Chairperson of Apollo’s EmpowHER Women’s Network. Aside from being an entrepreneur advancing Shirley McAlpine Associates, she continues to impact the lives of organizations and individuals today, ultimately by dismantling structural racial oppression in companies, organizations, and wherever she can. She seeks to continue advancing this mission by doing what she does best: coaching and consulting. 

Indeed, Shirley McAlpine is making a massive difference in the lives of minority groups. This brilliant visionary is bringing the Black community and more one step closer to the success and utmost respect they deserve.

To learn more about Shirley McAlpine and her coaching services, please check out her official website.