Shawn Fair and Fair Consulting Group Are Creating the World’s Next Leaders

Fair Consulting Group is pioneering a unique speaking and coaching program called the Leadership Experience Tour, spearheaded by its CEO, Shawn Fair. He is a renowned motivational speaker and training expert. The program is made possible through Shawn’s partnership with Paul Gantz, Emagine Theatre, and The Michigan State University Conference Center to host the event. 

As a former employee in corporate America for almost 22 years, Shawn knows what a company needs to promote a productive and dynamic working environment for its employees. He started from the bottom until he became the vice president of sales and marketing.

Today, he is taking his expertise and unique way of engaging large audiences to teach other aspiring coaches and speakers. Shawn is a resident of Metro Detroit. When he heard about the news that Amazon turned down Detroit as its second headquarters in 2018, Shawn decided to use his influence to address the issue. 

“I saw a need, and I decided to see what I could offer to make a difference,” Shawn remarked. According to him, there are not enough leadership programs available across the country. Whether for employees, self-employed individuals, managers, or those in the middle management, the training offered by Fair Consulting Group in their program will help workers be more valuable. 

Shawn was present throughout the tour. To expand the program, he brought in other dynamic speakers like himself, such as Keyon Clinton of the 1% Better Brand, in hopes of attracting the millennial audience. The events by Fair Consulting Group are now happening a couple of times a year. The chosen speakers deliver messages consisting of the most influential personal and professional leadership practices. 

The CEO also incorporated corporate leaders to speak on his platform. Joy Calloway, and executive for the National Association of Health Services, professional speaker, trainer, and problem solver, was one of them. Shawn also had young speakers like Cam Anthony, a former child pop star who has performed in America’s Got Talent. The singer also got to perform and showcase his talent at the White House for former President Barack Obama.

Shawn is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He is also one of the most sought-after and coveted consultants for major corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Shawn has a useful technique that helps leaders identify their blind spots. His genuine and personal coaching and training service placed him as a top choice in the training industry. 

Shawn has trained over 300,000 leaders in the United States and abroad. His comprehensive and first-hand experience about the corporate world allows him to become an efficient trainer for companies and individuals. He has delivered promising, world-class, and award-winning presentations that have helped companies create a more dynamic environment for their employees. Shawn takes pride in leading by example, demonstrating mutual respect, giving praise to those whose praise is due, and establishing relationships based on trust. 

His extensive knowledge and dynamic approach to impacting people’s lives will soon take him to a global audience.

Learn more about Shawn Fair and Fair Consulting Group through their website.