Sharing Innovation with Real Estate Passion: Shaina McAndrews and the Story of MontCo Living

The real estate market is continually changing. To keep standing out from the rest, one has to innovate by being a lifelong learner and do-er.

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and applying them to your practice is a must if you want to be successful in real estate. Third-generation real estate agent Shaina McAndrews has long realized that staying updated to the current topics through continual education and involvement in current events sets the difference for a thriving career in this industry. It’s clear that Shaina McAndrews is a rising star in real estate. She shares her passion for her career through her very own brand, MontCo Living.

MontCo Living is a real estate website established by Shaina to become a resource for the Greater Philadelphia area supplying all their property related needs. In founding this site, Shaina combines her love for the industry with her enthusiasm for the locality she currently lives in — Montgomery County. She was raised in different towns within Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties and continually explores all of what Greater Philadelphia has to offer. However, Shaina particularly shares the local insights of her niche in Montgomery County through the website of MontCo Living.

Browsing through the website of MontCo Living is similar to walking buyers and sellers through the real estate process. Shaina’s rich wisdom of this third most populous county in Pennsylvania is presented on this platform. Clients are assisted in every step of their browsing journey. They are first asked to fill out a detailed survey on her site to streamline the process. Since Shaina believes that communication is essential, she makes herself available for your call, emails, or texts as long as she is awake. Some of the values that motivate her to strive for excellence are genuine dedication, passion, and the love of working with people and properties. 

As a full-time real estate professional, she responds quickly to inquiries and offers consultations and keeping people informed through her newsletter. This self-written material provides advice into the current market, buying and selling processes, and homeownership. What keeps her apart is how she embraces new technology year after year and updates her business model to reflect what the market wants in terms of real estate service.

With her genuine enthusiasm for real estate and her accumulated learnings and experiences, Shaina is quickly becoming one of the top real estate professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. It is no secret why her clients say that she is one of the most trustworthy, hardworking real estate agents with an abundance of local knowledge and expertise. The experiences and learnings she derives from recent news, conferences, and industry-related associations are all incorporated in her excellent working relationships with colleagues and partners. That is the reason why Shaina comes as highly recommended by her past clients. 

A distinct feature in her dealing of business is her prioritization of the client-agent relationship. She shared that each connection she makes is valuable to her, and they are not just a number. Shaina treats clients the way she wants to be treated — personalized service for each person she works with. She always has something different to offer than other agents and outdated brokerage models. Thus, her patrons are in excellent hands throughout their transaction with their best interests and acts represented by Shaina, their trusted advisor.

Aside from premium quality service, Shaina is highly qualified as an agent with a Master’s degree on hand and several designations and certifications, denoting her commitment to her clients, career, and industry. She currently holds her license at a top agency growing exponentially, Opus Elite Real Estate. Her insight and collaboration with her brokerage complements her promise to give the best experience possible for her clients and uplift the industry as a whole. 

Shaina combines old and new methods so she can reach a diverse range of buyers within a target market. So far, she wants to reach out to people looking to buy or sell homes in the greater Philadelphia area, particularly its surrounding cities of Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County. She has worked with investors, first time home buyers, and with the luxury real estate market. Sellers see their investment in her reflected in the success from her innovative marketing strategies on the promotions of their property. 

Part of the services she offers through MontCo Living is a referral program that helps clients lacking knowledge or time to find the right agent when relocating to other areas. After locating the vetted realtor, continued services offered by Shaina remain available such as consultations throughout their transaction whether it’s in California, Japan, Costa Rica, or London.

She shared that if she contacted her clients the way her mom and grandfather did ten or twenty years ago, she would not be as successful as she is today. Some agents still try to fax documents to her office- she can write them while standing with her clients in the house they want to buy and submit it before they leave. Acclimatizing one’s workstyle for different clients within the time sensitive real estate market is her strategy. Shaina believes the only way to provide excellent service is to adapt to the evolving technology and ever-changing market. 

When not working as a real estate agent, she volunteers with the local food cupboard and serves on the Board of Directors for the Montgomery County Association of Realtors. Discover her detailed list of services for listing and buying through MontCo Living’s website. You can also follow Shaina MacAndrews on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.