Sexual Harassment Victim Turned Life Victor: How Tara Roe Rose Above Abuse

The prevalence of sexual harassment is an issue that women have to face and deal with regularly. Statistics show that there are 433,648 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States. Sometimes women keep silent about their encounters with sex offenders, but Tara Christine Roe is giving the silent a voice, telling them that they have all the right to speak up.

In July,, Chasyn Wilkinson received a sentence to 116 days in jail and 60 months probation after admitting to groping Tara while he was drunk. The system has also registered him as a sex offender. Before the incident, Tara had long experienced cases of repeated sexual harassment and abuse. A bartender by profession, she previously accepted that men treated her that way. Realizing the gravity of this crime though, she decided that enough was enough. Today, she speaks up against sexual harassment of all forms and how vital it is do so, “… for our own healing and to stand up against such criminal behavior”.

Tara’s journey has been deeply uncomfortable over the decades, but has actively and intentionally chosen to persevere. She chooses to view her past hurts as something that has molded her to be the woman, mother, and friend that she is today. She attributes all of her inner strength to her faith. Tara shares the drastic transformation she has experienced since choosing to live life as a Christian, and how she now lives a life filled with freedom through forgiveness. But she also maintains that forgiveness is different from refusing to seek justice.

Today, following her profound realization that has molded her into a woman she adores and barely recognizes some days, Tara is now using her past to empower people who feel hopeless and trapped. She is now certified as a Master Life Coach, specializing in Goal Attainment, Life Purpose, Happiness and Advanced Coaching Methodologies through which she hopes to help people who carry hurts, habits and hangups that “zap their confidence and productivity”. Tara has also founded Next Level Purpose Academy  (, a way to connect, support, educate and inspire others like her. Her premier course, THE END OF SUFFERING, will be launching September 10, 2020 and is available for pre-enrollment and preview now.

“I’m called to love, serve, teach and lead folks through self-transformation, total financial fitness, and future success, and there is a lot to say about it!” says Tara. For the coach, she views her heartbreak as a blessing in disguise. She declares for other people a future of hope and security, even when today’s challenges seem overwhelmingly powerful.

Tara maintains that after the Chasyn Wilkinson case closed, she chose to rise above it. Today, the event has been an unexpected blessing in her life, opening many doors to connect with and help others readjust their perspective so they can once again live a life of peace and joy again. She has moved forward to become a beacon of hope for others and a successful entrepreneur who speaks on topics such as Christian values, single parenting, rising above abuse and next-level living. “The wealth of information I have to share this side of overcoming assorted adversity and abuses, miraculously transforming through Jesus Christ and now transitioning from poverty level single motherhood to business entrepreneurship alone is staggering.”

Tara hopes that her story would inspire more women to speak up against sexual harassment and that she can help more people who feel lost, confused, and alone.

To learn more about Tara Christine Roe and her message of hope, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.