Serial Entrepreneur CHADD BLACK Lands New Book Deal with Page Publishing

From founding The Chadd Black Academy to establishing Mr. Black Beauty, it is as if Chadd Black, also known as “The Mogul in the Making”, is a favorite of the universe as blessings just keep on pouring. The African-American entrepreneur’s upcoming project is dedicated to aspiring individuals interested in making their own startups. Chadd recently sealed the deal as the brand owner and inked the agreement for his new book and seminar tour deal set for release in 2021, Getting BLACK to Business.

Chadd Black definitely deserves the success he is experiencing right now. The self-made visionary has always known that he is meant to pursue business. At 15 years old, he opened his little business, offering ironing services to his friends and family. It may have been simple, but his humble beginnings earned the admiration of many and became the building blocks of who he is now. 

Launched in 2015, The Chadd Black Awards seeks and recognizes local talents for their valuable contribution to Houston, Texas. A couple of years later, The Chadd Black Academy opened its doors to the world for free. By employing music as a form of therapy, the Academy is a safe haven for mentally, physically, or emotionally disabled children. His works do not just end there. In 2018, Chadd Black started The 713 Agency, a talent agency suitable for budding artists who are looking for affordable services. Services such as music and business management, career counseling, public relations, production, and songwriting are just some of what 713 offers. Because of the solid presence it has established in Houston, The 713 Agency is currently the leading talent agency in the area.

Currently, Chadd is setting his eyes on starting a record label to propel new and local artists in the challenging music industry. Apart from upscaling their careers, the record label will also mold their clients to become exceptional entrepreneurs. Unsurprisingly, Chadd’s strategic approach encourages his clients to exceed their tribulations and develop their talents. 

“It’s not about what I wasn’t born into. For me, it’s about the legacy I leave behind,” explains Chadd Black.

Atlantic Records, RCA Records, Epic Records, Sony Music, VH1, Interscope Records, etc. are just some of the major companies that sought Chadd Black’s insights. The expert brand management strategist is famous for his valuable recommendations regarding digital campaigns and branding.

Chadd’s composure and charisma were helpful in connecting with people. His relatable hardships and personality draw in individuals from different walks of life to learn and hear his philosophy in life and its circumstances. Moreover, people are confident that his wisdom will not fail them as Chadd Black is someone who can maintain dignity in a healthy discourse.

Called “3 Businesses by 30”, Chadd Black shared that he has accomplished his life goal. Mr. Black Beauty impressively garnered a six-figure income under six months. He will be expounding how he reached this feat in the first volume of his Build Your Brand With Mr. Black Virtual Master Class happening on December 1.

He may have already checked off his life goal, but apparently, the long list still goes on for Chadd. His dedication to his entrepreneurship and cultivating talents is far from over.

Check out Chadd’s new venture, Mr. Black Beauty, here.