Sean David Clark Fixing People’s Debt and Credit Woes

Debt and credit records can negatively impact an individual or family’s life immensely when left unmanaged. Unfortunately, many Americans today are unaware of their credit score’s current state and the necessary steps to take to fix them. Sean David Clark, the founder of One Percent Credit, hopes to change that narrative for millions of Americans. 

Sean understands all too well the burdens of financial lack. His first job was working as a valet. Early on, he had to work two jobs six days a week and clock in up to twelve hours every day to make $3,000 monthly and barely get by. “I dreamed of making a lot of money and searched every corner for answers by reading books, networking, and investing into mentors,” shares Sean David Clark. “My break came when I was able to build a seven-figure repair and funding business from the ground up.”

Starting with no network, handouts, or knowledge about how the credit repair industry worked, Sean David depended on his determination, belief, and willingness to put the work in and hustle hard. Little by little, he grew as an entrepreneur and a financial educator. The entrepreneur learned the FICO system’s ins and outs and found ways to improve his credit score and then others’ scores much later on. In time, he put up One Percent Credit and turned it into a leading credit repair company that helps thousands of Americans live in more financial freedom and peace of mind. 

One Percent Credit educates its clients on everything around credit scores. The company serves families and individuals from all over, helping them fix their credit grades, gaining access to lower interest rates on loans, getting better jobs, and living happier lives overall. Sean David Clark has repaired over $10 million in debt write-ups and funded Americans with over $5 million through thousands of fixed reports. 

What motivated Sean David Clark to start One Percent Credit was his desire to experience financial freedom and help others in the process. “I wanted to create a business that not only could help people and their lives, but help make society a better place in one form or another,” shares the One Percent Credit owner. “Making lots of money is great and you can help a lot more people when you make more money, but the ability to help change someone’s life with your own brand is something that makes all the struggles of building a business worthwhile.”

Today, Sean David looks to serve even more Americans in the country with credit repair services as many families suffer financial paralysis due to their bad credit, they can either suffer higher interest rates or not even get approved for housing, automobile, and other forms of loans. One Percent Credit hopes to change that for more Americans all across the country. To do that, the company has launched an affiliate system that looks to provide more people with ways to earn during the economic downturn caused by the recent pandemic while also increasing its reach and scaling its efforts.

Sean David Clark works hard to build a better life for his family but isn’t satisfied. He hopes to help more families in the country experience the same financial freedom that he now enjoys. One Percent Credit remains one of the most effective credit repair companies to date and hopes to grow that streak more in the coming years. 

Learn more about Sean David Clark by visiting his Instagram account or check out One Percent Credit’s website.