Scalp Solutions Does What It Says on the Tin, Providing Hair Loss Solutions to the Masses Through a Non-Surgical Process

Men and even women from all over the world are suffering from frequent hair loss, and in some extreme cases, total balding. It’s undeniable that a lot of factors could go into why this sort of thing is happening. It could be due to stress, genetics, or the use of overly damaging hair products. Be that as it may, Scalp Solutions is here to solve the problem through its non-invasive and non-surgical solutions.

Most of the time, our hair is our crowning glory, and much of our self-esteem is rooted in the quality and style of our hair. This is why many people who suffer from hair loss and balding continue to seek effective remedies to maintain the health of their hair. Scalp Solutions provides a state-of-the-art non-surgical solution to hair loss through a process called micropigmentation. 

This meticulous process can only be handled by a licensed specialist. Luckily, the founder and CEO of Scalp Solutions happens to be one of the most-equipped individuals for the job, which is what earned David Santiago his famous moniker as “the boss of hair loss.” His skills as a micropigmentation specialist in New York are due to the quality of his work that guarantees his clients immediate results.

Scalp Solutions offers a variety of services, from private to professional sessions. The goal of the company is to give its customers the most comfortable setting according to their diverse backgrounds and professions. The company specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation and Men’s Hair Systems, which is also known as Cranial Prosthesis.

David Santiago has had numerous clients over the years. “I have performed this service on music entertainers, YouTube influencers, and various celebrities. I am not only a master scalp micropigmentation specialist, but I am also a licensed NYS barber and certified trichologist,” he explained.

Despite the procedure’s popularity among men, scalp micropigmentation is considered a gender-neutral procedure that could be used as an alternative to wigs, surgeries, and hair products that often claim to promote hair growth or cure hair loss and restore hair density. Men who avail of the micropigmentation procedure see the end results immediately as if there is real hair on their scalp.

The procedure gives the illusion of shaved or short hair while adding density to thinning hair and improving one’s overall look as a result. Scalp micropigmentation can also be used to hide scars that may have been caused by injuries or surgeries. The procedure costs depending on the amount of hair loss each client has. 

The Scalp Solutions price chart is available based on the Norwood scale. It can be used as a guide for customers who come in for a consultation. Treatments may also vary depending on some key factors such as scars, alopecia, touch-ups, and simple hairline repair, to mention a few. 

In honor of the brave souls that have fought for the United States, David Santiago offers discounts and financing through United Medical Credit to all military personnel and first responders.

Most clients would need at least two to three sessions to complete the procedure, but the length of time greatly depends on the amount of hair loss and the degree of scarring on the scalp. A seven to a ten-day gap is usually required between sessions as well.

Overall, Scalp Solutions is giving its clients what they truly need through a massively successful non-surgical procedure. David Santiago hopes that more and more people will discover that there is an effective solution to their hair loss problem, and it goes by the name Scalp Solutions.

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