Saving Grace: Danielle Harris-Branch on Keeping the Faith and Coming Through

In anyone’s lifetime, one of the most significant breakthroughs a person can realize is accepting that there is something bigger than all the humans or all the sciences combined. Because when people look back at the unimaginable difficulties they were able to overcome, they will find a common theme – faith.

For Danielle, it is her belief in an unfailing hand that continually saves her from any hardships. And even when she cannot always comprehend it, she believes that there is some deeper purpose or meaning behind every suffering she goes through. 

Danielle F. Harris-Branch, more prominently known as “Dani B,” is a faith-based Bible teacher and motivational speaker, and spiritual coach, who creatively communicates God’s truth to those who are hurting and lost. With her natural knack for instilling hope in sullen times, she brings light and energy wherever she goes. And as someone whose mission is to give hope, she wants nothing more than to see her clients tapping into their inner power. 

Driven by her passion for helping other women to live the lives they want, Danielle founded Global Girls Connect. Through this organization, she creates an avenue where women from all walks of life thrive as they support one another. Moreover, she empowers this minority group by encouraging them to come out of their shells and show the world what they are made of. 

But aside from Global Girls Connect, Danielle also proves to be a valuable force in society by stepping up as the executive director of R.E.A.C.H. Community Services, Inc., which is a company that provides the necessary tools for families to overcome poverty and for the underprivileged to take down any social barriers. 

Deeply rooted in her compassion for the community, Danielle also exhibits a remarkable commitment to the church. She is currently serving in several ministries under Bishop James F. and Lady Sylvia H. Harris from the Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ located in Richmond, Virginia. 

Having witnessed God’s omnipotence and greatness through her struggles, Danielle took it upon herself to pass on such a miracle so that it may touch and transform as many lives as possible. And although sharing God’s Word is not an easy task, she finds solace in knowing that God is with her every step of the way.

Danielle’s multifaceted background and years of experience have given her extraordinary knowledge in relationships, organizational structures, administrative procedures, event planning, and marketing for churches. And in alignment with her unwavering faith, she inspires her clients by showing them the many ways God reveals Himself through her one-on-one consultations, group therapy sessions, spiritual blogs, retreats, and speaking engagements. 

Fueling her burning desire to instill hope in the lives of others, Danielle looks back on her husband, Delmar Branch, who was called ‘the miracle man’ due to his steadfast faith. At the age of eighteen, Delmar discovered that he had renal failure. After that, he began attending his dialysis sessions and held on to God for strength. 

Throughout his fight for recovery, Delmar remained hopeful and faithful. And although his body eventually gave up on January 7, 2019, his undaunted spirit never did. With God’s enlightenment, he fought until the very end and inspired many. 

Because of her husband’s death, Danielle became a warrior of God’s saving grace. Tested by the turbulent times in her life, she sincerely relied on some measure of hope to get through those seemingly impossible moments. And had it not been for her faith in God, she would not have been the strong person she is today.

With her story, Danielle reminds everyone that until they open their hearts and believe, their lives will completely be meaningless and empty. As she continues to guide those who have gone astray, she restores the spiritual stillness and piety that this world is slowly losing touch of. 

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