Sathi Roy: Finance Executive Who is Making Her Mark in the Industry

Sathi Roy is raising the bar as a woman corporate executive who is getting things done in the finance industry. In a predominantly male-dominated industry, Roy is shining like the bright star that she is, having contributed significantly to the growth of her division at

Roy works as director of refinance sales at, one of America’s fastest-growing home ownership companies. It has successfully grown by 350% year over year and has increased its mortgage division funding for over $1 billion a month in home loans. As one of the pioneer employees of the company, Roy played a vital role in establishing and scaling the refinance team from one to over 150. She has successfully brought in over $60 million of revenue since she started in her directorial position. She also effectively grew her division by 522% in 2019 and more than 200% this year to date.

To say that Roy is exceptionally good at what she does is an understatement. Her excellent track record in the finance industry makes her a valuable asset and a promising executive. Her office at is the highest revenue-generating division in the company. Her success is made possible by effectively managing over 170 people across three key cities in the country.

“I know what it’s like to advocate for yourself and create your own identity within environments not historically populated by people who look like you. Every other coach/leadership consultant tries to show you a fool-proof way to be ‘perfect’—how to be 100% PC and how to avoid triggers. I firmly believe in being comfortable with one’s growth journey. It is healthy to welcome alternative voices and ideas. To me, psychological safety goes two ways: one has to feel safe enough to voice a controversial thought while the other has to feel safe enough to hear it knowing it’s not coming from a bad place. I worry due to our current climate, we are losing authenticity and creativity every day because people are trying to be ‘perfect’,” Roy shares.

Roy finished her bachelor’s degree in communications and psychology at Fordham University. She is also a trained coach, having gained her certification from the Neuroleadership Institute. She is best known for her ability to train and coach people when it comes to personal brand development, emotional regulation, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. 

Roy is a self-made career woman who believes in the importance of preserving one’s authenticity by being bold and courageous. Having been born to a Bengali Hindu family and raised in New York City, she understands how vital it is to remain true to one’s origins and culture. 

Her vast work experience includes working as a ghostwriter for the CEO of Neuroleadership. She also worked in the real estate industry as the executive assistant of billionaire and business mogul, Neil Bender. Roy also worked in the fashion industry as operations manager for the luxury designer, Courtney Russell of Lion & Lamb Co. 

Sathi Roy sees herself reaching out to a bigger audience in the future as a life coach and mentor. She looks forward to connecting with a diverse audience and teaching them how to remain authentic in a world filled with people who tend to look down on other cultures and their belief systems. Just as she has made a lasting impact in the finance industry, Roy hopes to achieve the same where it involves helping people believe more in themselves. 

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