Samaria Kelly Is Set to Inspire Others With Multiple Upcoming Ventures

A person’s priorities in life can be heavily influenced, not only by their values. Life experiences can also determine the importance with which they will perceive the different aspects of their lives. Emerging icon of influence Samaria Kelly can attest to how one’s circumstances can lead to transitions. She stands as an example to follow for those who want to take a leap of faith and hop on another journey.  

This multifaceted mental health advocate, also known as “Thee World Girl,” is a woman of many talents. Recognized for her encouraging words, Samaria Kelly is a God-fearing speaker who spreads the word of the Lord. In addition, she has recently moved away from a nine-to-five career as a nurse, pursuing a path in the business industry as an entrepreneur so she could have more time to spend at home with her one-year-old son. 

As a rising figure in the commercial space, Samaria Kelly is behind several upcoming launches by the end of the year. She wears many hats, but all of her endeavors share the same ultimate goal — to change lives by sharing her experiences. This overcomer is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence and suffered from mental health issues such as depression. Having jumped over all these hurdles and coming out alive and strong in the end makes her a reputable source of wisdom about never giving up. 

Acknowledging the millions of people all over the world who are currently victims of their circumstances, Samaria Kelly hopes to send across the message that a better future is always on the horizon. Moreover, she also serves as a voice of motivation for individuals who remain chained to terms other than their own. 

Right now, Samaria Kelly is polishing multiple projects. Banking on the gifts given to her by God, this independent artist will release her first self-published book, which will explore the concept of rejection and how to overcome it. Furthermore, she is also set to introduce to listeners worldwide her first short album, a compilation of uplifting songs intended to give hope to people who need it the most. 

Most importantly, Samaria Kelly will share God’s word with more people through the upcoming establishment of the Thee Word Girl subscription service. This platform is designed to act as a safe space, providing messages of faith and hope to subscribers and tips on mental health. It will become a channel for empowering people to take care of their well-being and provide tools and resources. 

On top of these, a clothing line called Thee W.O.R.D. would be spearheaded by Samaria Kelly. Thee W.O.R.D., which stands for Win on Repeat Daily, seeks not only to deliver quality items to customers but will become another medium in advocating for mental health as a portion of the proceeds from the line is dedicated to the advancement of mental well-being. 

Through her active involvement in the personal growth industry and business sector, Samaria Kelly aims to impact others and offer her story as a testament to the power of overcoming. In the future, she dreams of reaching more people and transforming more lives by speaking on various platforms worldwide. 

Learn more about Samaria Kelly by visiting her website and LinkedIn.