Sam Ibrahim Is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry One Brand at a Time

The fashion industry is decorated with iconic hits and misses, and several entrepreneurs consider success only as an incidental impetus for their endeavors. More often than not, these soon-to-be industry leaders have a profound vision anchored in something deeper than the desire to succeed. As someone passionate about proving his accuracy, Sam Ibrahim stands at the helm of a brand grounded on celebrating individuality and fashion diversity.

Hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, Sam Ibrahim is one for the history books. He graduated top of his class cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley as a fashion marketing major and has more than fifteen years of experience working alongside the world’s most famous luxury brands, between Dubai and New York. He has worked for the top fashion corporations in the USA and UAE, including Bloomingdales, Amazon, Barneys, and Macy’s, driving these renowned fashion companies to new and tremendous growth.

Sam is the exclusive distributor for the successful celebrity-owned eyewear brand Prive Devaux, covering the entire MENA region. With his expert knowledge of design, Sam has been able to revolutionize the fashion industry. His interests in colors and fabrics are so sharpened that he can spot fake leather pants from a mile away and accurately tell you the manufacturing year of your favorite blazer in a matter of seconds. He now works directly and manages some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, including Mohamed Ramadan, the biggest superstar in Africa and the Middle East.

Emboldened to create an avenue that would help him imprint his legacy in the fashion realm, the laudable entrepreneur is also the founder of two private brands: the Affari Group, putting fair use to his management skills companies to smashing success.

The Affari Group is a global fashion company founded by multilingual fashion consultant Sam Ibrahim alongside his partners Gil Einhorn and Hershy Mayer. Since its inception, the company has promoted a meticulously curated selection that speaks volumes and supplies an extensive network of fashion houses with renowned and established global brands. The global company has become one of America’s most prominent fashion houses. It is situated In New York, with offices in Dubai, Egypt, Japan, and is looking to expand to other continents, including Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Mr. Ibrahim is the Chief Operating Officer of Affari Group. His undying commitment to high-end fashion remains intact as he continues to inject his exceptional skill into the field. Sam remains humble and grounded despite his stellar accomplishments and the astonishing success he has enjoyed in his career. He continues to garner accolades for being the creative mind behind such a revolutionary platform.

It is incredible to witness all of his achievements, considering he started from ground zero and now have Adriana Lima, Jamie Foxx on speed dial! In the coming years, Sam intends to continue creating world-acclaimed fashion brands and expanding them worldwide. Sam likes to travel, seeking inspiration, and learning from different cultures while having fun.

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