Sabathil720 Aims to Spark Change in People’s Hearts Through Music

Losing a loved one is hard. The Bronx, New York-born artist Melvin Acquah, best known as Sabathil720, is pushing boundaries as he tries to continue his late brother’s legacy. The artist formerly belonged to a group called The ETMC’s, who parted ways when his brother Thaahum passed away. Today, he wants to make a difference in others’ lives through music.

With the loss of his brother, Sabathil720 is fueled to build what they have both started. Determined to keep the torch on fire, the artist continually captivates music lovers with major, game-changing moves. For him, the hip-hop industry is no longer merely about music but has evolved into a way of life. Various artists have become entrepreneurs, such as Jay-Z and Mark Cuban. The paths of his idols inspired him to create his own empire in the hip-hop landscape.

Additionally, Sabathil720 created his own music label to free himself from the constraints of music contracts. The artist seeks to produce a sound that ensures full creative freedom and artistry. “I have complete freedom to do my own deals and to fully own my publishing which most artists don’t or can’t currently have because of consensual contracts,” shared the artist. “I want to be the first to break out of that concept of contracts. I will be the first artist to not be tied up into contracts,” he added. 

Sabathil720 wants to create music that’s never before heard in the mainstream music scene. He strives to be a voice that will spark a revolution and inspire others to make a stand, release their sentiments, and lead the change needed in the world. The artist is not afraid of venturing outside the mold and challenging the status quo because he knows that the narrative for his community can be better. “I sit on the throne, I am the imperial, and no one, no matter who they are, will not stop me,” the artist said. 

His latest song called “Like Me” is a testament to Sabathil720’s determination to carve his name in the hearts of hip hop lovers worldwide. The song is his way of challenging social norms and stepping out of his comfort bubble on a mission to honor his brother’s name. “Like Me” takes the audience on a journey of unique beats and profound lyricism.

“No matter what it is, no matter what concept you have, the world is yours,” said Sabathil720. “Be your own boss. Show that you care, show the world that you can be different, show the world that you can be the difference and the change that this world needs to see and to grasp new ideas from,” he added. The artist not only sees music as a career but as a way of life wherein he can fulfill a deeper purpose. 

Sabathil720 proves that nothing is too challenging for one to tackle, especially if one is blessed with a wonderful mind from God. Asked where he envisions himself in five years, the artist shared that he sees a life of financial and creative freedom, doing what he is passionate about, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. “Work smarter and not harder as the saying goes and never give up hope,” said the artist.

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