Ronnie Mitchell Has A Story That Transcends the Oversaturated Beauty Market

Back in 2001, Ronnie Mitchell was the unfortunate victim of a Laser Hair Removal accident that left him with a severely burnt scar all the way from under his eye to his neck. The machine had burned him down to the white meat underneath his skin, and the burns were in the shape of half-moons. The accident left him with little self-confidence, so he went ahead and sought treatment.

Earlier in his career, Ronnie Mitchell was an actor and a model, so beauty and image meant a whole lot to him. After the accident, he had to go to the burn center in Torrance, California, for three and a half months to get the burns treated. The process was excruciating, and it took a lot of years to heal.

Every time Ronnie would meet someone new, they would always ask about his scars. He tried everything to get rid of the scars, but nothing seemed to work. He was tormented by the lasting effects of the accident for eight long years until he discovered EMU oil. Upon application, the oil healed his scars, rejuvenated his skin, and gave Ronnie Mitchell his self-confidence back. The discovery was the start of his beautiful business journey.

The experience led him to become a licensed esthetician and establish his own beauty and lifestyle brand, Los Angeles Oils and Butters. Ronnie Mitchell and his brand have a clear vision: “To create beauty and consciousness from within, starting with the skin.” He initially started the business from a place of pain, which is usually the starting point of the purchasing process for many of his customers.

Ronnie Mitchell is dedicated to building a cleaner and healthier lifestyle for everyone in the world. He greatly enjoys teaching people about the benefits of natural skincare products and helping them unlearn the harmful skincare regiments that are bad for their health. The business has grown tremendously on its own, yet this is only the beginning for R Skin Matters Inc, Ronnie’s own lifestyle corporation.

Ronnie Mitchell and his unique products have reached a worldwide audience. Over the past year, he has been trying to figure out how to scale his business and reach a wider audience. He has made a lot of progress on that front over the years by adding employees, consultants, and trendy products that speak to a healthier existence.

Ronnie Mitchell’s story stands among the rest. In the overly saturated wellness industry, he stands tall as one of the most authentic people who have experienced the effects of his products first-hand. As the leading black male esthetician in Los Angeles, California, his brand is the perfect place for international exposure.

Ronnie Mitchell is here to dominate the beauty and wellness industry. By developing Los Angeles Oils and Butters, he has provided a product line that provides Chemical-Free, Clean, and Organic based skincare products that are geared towards all skin types for both men and women. His knowledge as a licensed esthetician has given him a deeper understanding of what the industry and its customers really need. Ronnie Mitchell is a light in the beauty and wellness industry. His story and his products deserve to be recognized not just within the beauty community but to the entire world.

To know more about Ronnie Mitchell and all his wonderful products, make sure to visit the official website of Los Angeles Oils and Butters.