Rome and His Journey Towards Self-Discovery

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Dion Kearney’s life had been difficult without parents who he could look up to as role models. He has witnessed how drugs and alcohol deeply affected the lives of his parents at a very early age. Dion only had his grandmother and aunt to confide with for everything in life.

Despite living in a shattered family, Dion had a vision of a better life. Being great at sports, he was part of the football varsity team. He was already in the path of pursuing a career in sports, signing up to any Division 1 school that gave him offers, when a film audition opportunity made him book a one-way ticket to Dallas, Texas. Based on a true story of troubled youth, football, and faith, Dion felt a certain degree of connection between the film and his life. He was successful in being part of the cast, playing only a minor role in the film. For Dion,, it was already a big achievement and learned to live his life in his new home, Dallas, Texas.

Giving up his ambition in sports, he decided to make it work in the entertainment industry.  Dion moved from one state to another in search of casting calls and auditions. Without any degree of luck, Dion could not find a big break no matter how close he got. His struggles intensified with the sudden death of his grandmother. He lost the only person with whom he can only confide with. The turn of events made it difficult for Dion, and as a way of coping, he decided to move to Los Angeles in search of a better way of life.

While working a regular job at Hollywood Wax Museum, Dion unlocked his passion for music. With blank receipts and a pen on hand, he stared at the Boulevard, and the word “souvenir” from a gift shop struck him to write some lyrics. In less than a year, Dion engaged in a creative process and felt a sense of stability with music. Every day, during breaks at work, he continued to write lyrics on blank receipts. He has transformed these lyrics into melodies that, for the first time, resonate a sense of inspiration for Dion into becoming an artist to be known as Rome.

Rome is an artist who strives to create a positive impact on the world. He is determined to inspire and uplift others through his poetic words. He wants to stay away from the status quo of rap and make room for raw, deep, romantic, dark mysterious songs that are shaped by his upbringing in the streets. His music aims to connect to those who believe in the profound relationship between lyrics and melodies, thus, falling in love with its uniqueness.

As a budding artist, Rome has the power to think outside of the box. He evokes emotions that come from an honest, genuine standpoint. His experiences in life resonate with the kind of music he creates. As a way of channeling his soul, Rome’s music is different, and it will never be just a status quo.

Rome has a uniqueness and marketable look that shines on it’s own but his work ethic and profound music has the potential to catapult him straight into stardom. Rome is currently exploring the creative process of his music, but he is always open to anyone who shares the same perspective. You may connect with him at and business email: