Robert James Walls Jr. Gears Up for More Success for Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises

The proper mindset plays a vital role in achieving success. Most people go around trying to make things work, but do not have the right mindset and approach to do so. This causes friction between them and their goals, ultimately failing when push comes to shove. Robert James Walls Jr. understands what it means to have the right mindset, and he makes sure to spread the word through his philosophies called “The Baller Mindset” and “The Baller Effect.” Both of which he will be releasing in separate books in the near future.

Robert James Walls Jr. was born in Brooklyn, New York. He traveled to the west coast to play college basketball. After one year of playing, he dropped out of college and established his own Basketball company instead. He dubbed his company Coast to Coast Ballers. It is a company that strives to be the global leader in organizing basketball events to bring communities together and bring out the best in the children and adults involved.

Coast to Coast Ballers has graced various publications. Its Basketball Division has been featured in the New Paper on the West Coast and its founder and CEO, Robert James Walls Jr., has been introduced on McGill Media on Facebook to over ten million people. He has also been highlighted in the Fast Company magazine for all of their successes. Coast to Coast Ballers has successfully organized basketball events for kids, high school players, college players, semi-professionals, and players with NBA talent in communities such as Washington and Oregon. 

In 2004 they started their first-ever Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball event. Under the guidance of Robert James Walls Jr., the company managed to grow and eventually established its own clothing brand called Coast to Coast Ballers Clothing. The company was featured in a prominent local newspaper in Vancouver, Washington, called “The Columbian.” In 2009, their official website was created. 

Ten years after their first basketball event, Robert James Walls Jr. created his second super company called Baller Gang Global. A year after that, in 2015, the company also built its own clothing brand under Baller Gang Clothing. In 2016, this venture created its first-ever Book Division and initiated its first-ever kids’ Christmas basketball event three years after. Recently, they have established yet another division called the Coast to Coast Ballers Online University.

Robert James Walls Jr. has become a certified public figure; he has managed to reach thousands of people on Facebook with his poster quotes that contain empowering and motivational messages, as well as his popular philosophies on The Baller Mindset and The Baller Effect. Currently, he is looking to push for more events by Coast to Coast Ballers. They are focusing on doing events in any city or country that needs more basketball events for children and adults that are both exciting and competitive. 

In the near future, his game plan is to make Coast to Coast Ballers a franchise with different franchising opportunities for communities everywhere to plug in his system so all people will have the mind, body, and spirit to be prosperous and live in abundance. Robert has done so many inspiring things with his company, and he plans to do more to help what he calls his communities coast to coast around the globe because he says he knows billions of people will see that we are all one big winning gang of beings on this planet when they tap into the baller mindset. Robert has achieved so much already, but it is clear to see that his passion will only grow stronger. 

The Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises and Baller Gang Global CEO stated, “We all want to win in sports or in what we do in life or both. We all want to be the best or at least good at what we do. We all want it to be our time or feel how it feels to win in the things you love to do! But the difference between imagining the future and being the future is what you do to get there, and to get there, you must have the right winning, empowering mindset.” 

Check out the company’s website at for more information on his up and coming events, services, and products.