Rising Star Emoedagreat Serves as an Inspiration Through His Artistry and Passion


Humble beginnings have always served as an inspiration for others. There is comfort in the thought that success can grow from barren origins, reminding people that where they came from does not dictate where they would end up in life. Eric Lattimore, better known as Emoedagreat, hopes to shed light on the fact that dreams can be achieved as long as people dare to pursue them. 

Hailing from Gaffney, South Carolina, Emoedagreat could not remember a time when music did not run in his blood. All his life, he has always had an affinity for music and entertainment. And armed with the passion for pursuing the craft and making a name for himself in the industry, he moved to Los Angeles and demonstrated exceptional excellence in expanding his brand reach. 

This musician, who has achieved partnerships with YouTube and Facebook this year, is taking the industry by storm by showcasing that he has what it takes to create a massive impact in the entertainment realm. Unlike other artists in the scene, Emodagreat does not have a major deal backing him up but is nevertheless creating a solid path to the top of the field. 

Independently making a unique standing for himself, Emoedagreat has crafted his own marketing and ad campaigns. He has successfully figured a way to reach millions of people daily by banking on his inherent creativity and business competence. Recently, this rising star dropped his first solo singles, No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up and these hits are from his anticipated upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, which is set for release in January 2021. 

Emoedagreat’s edge as a musician rests on his refusal to be boxed in. With no limit to the style of music he wants to delve into, he aims to become the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre. He takes pride in the masterful way he blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop, infusing them with his soulful vibe, to come up with banging tracks that are guaranteed to spark the interest and gain the love of listeners worldwide. 

This multi-talented artist is planning to be a household name in the different areas of the entertainment industry. Right now, he is also pursuing a career as an actor and is the brilliant mind behind numerous short films, skits, and TikTok content. And dipping his toes into the business of labels, Emodagreat is preparing to launch his very own label called Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG). 

CPMG, which will be introduced to the market in January 2021, will serve as a platform for artist development and talent management. It is an avenue for other aspirants to learn the trade. With Emoedagreat’s guidance, people who are hoping to make it in the industry will understand how to nurture their artistry and how to enhance their business proficiency. 

Taking part in community events, Emoedagreat has given away toys to over two hundred children to celebrate Christmas and set up initiatives advocating against gun violence. This marketing genius is also often seen in collaboration with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Yvng Ari, who serves as his music producer and AsianRican Films, his cinematographer, and graphic designer. 

With another phenomenal track called My Go dropping this August 15, Emoedagreat looks forward to making a mark in millions of people across the globe. And while he lives his dream of being a world-class musician, he is also driven to continue impacting his community in positive ways and motivating others to believe in themselves. 

Learn more about Emoedagreat by visiting his website and pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter